The Rainbow Girl – Amisha Mehta


How much time did you spend at the advertising agency? And what was your learning’s while working in such an environment?

Though the experience of working in the advertising agency was rich but I realized that until and unless one is at the top, one does not have the full creative freedom; things don’t happen the way they should. There was a lot of manipulation at the lower levels of workings, which I was not ready for. Besides this the working hours became a bit demanding after my marriage, so I finally decided to take a step ahead.My association with advertising agency dates back to 25-27 years back when I joined the top notch advertising agency for a period of 2 years. I worked in the capacity of a visualization artist.

Tell us more about your tryst with color therapy.

Even after my stint at the advertising agency, I continued my tryst with art and painting. I have always painted with my hand rather using any brushes or any other instrument. The main reason behind this has been the freedom of self expression. I always felt that when I paint with my hands, nails and fingers, I feel my soul directly communicating with the canvas. And there are no aliases, there are no alibis. I have been a regular at Kala Ghoda festival for some time..

In the beginning healing powers of my paintings were purely incidental. But then I researched and read a lot about the therapy and now incorporate all the angles in the paintings to have therapeutic powers. Color therapy officially started say around 6-7 years back, when some of my painting admirers mentioned about the healing powers of my paintings. Working on the same, I came across a research which explained color therapy and its healing powers. And since then, I am here helping out people by my color therapy.

I am now also adding a new line that is related to the colors and the furniture; I call them as Art Furniture Installations.

I was reading through your interview somewhere and it appeared that you are very content with your life. How has this calmness, this tranquility come?

This tranquility has come from my passion of being connected to art and colors. My passion & attachment to colors, along with the experience, have built me stronger and have taught me to resolve any situation with peace and calmness. On top of it, my experience teaching the children at Tata Memorial Hospital helped me immensely in my journey to myself.

There are many people who long for this tranquility; can this be achieved through color therapy?

Color Therapy works at 2 levels of our mind – conscious and sub-conscious. At conscious level, it soothes mind, relaxes the person, and puts him at ease whereas at sub-conscious level it brings out the inner rhythm. It connects at deep level and brings out the feelings and emotions at sub-conscious level to the forefront which have drained them for years. And this in turn provides them

tranquility which all of us long for. So, with the help of color therapy, anyone can gain the confidence, peace of mind and this tranquility for life.  🙂

Tell us more about Color Dance and how does it work?

Color Dance, as most of the people must not be aware of this, is an amalgamation of color, art and music. This is not just for fun, but is a special program which asks people to use colors to paint with the backdrop of soothing music. Since both color and music have therapeutic powers, Color Dance combines best of both the worlds.

Tell us more about the person Amisha Mehta.

I have been born & brought up in Bombay. Having the interest in art and colors since my childhood, I went to Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic to study art for my interest. It all started when I went and taught children for the elementary and advanced art exams. Joined an advertisement agency as it was the field of creativity and art, but then realized that I am not a product for the same. Turning into a full time artist and color therapist made me meet my inner self.

Though you are trained in Sitar and Classical dance but how did the concept of Colour Dance struck you? Also please take me through a typical class at your studio .

My training in Sitar has helped me to understand the vibrations of music at a deep level as sitar is a classical instrument and requires a lot of study about the ‘swaras’ and notes. Always being connected to music as an essential part of my routine and thus  always had it as a part of my art classes too, and since my music would be mainly instrumental or new-age music by default, and gradually realized that certain music worked on the emotional part of the brain, which made the kids create pure graffiti art. Thus, gradually over a short period children started improving in their attitudes towards life, studies, relations etc. Basically they started to connect with their inner selves…of course the process was tough and lot of mood swings existed, but I guess with a professional to monitor, it was quite worthy the experience for them too. The parents were actually thrilled with the change.

On the contrary, classical dance had nothing to do over here, the name COLOURDANCE, was formed as this was a combination of Art and Music Therapy, and the healing was done through Colours, so Colourdance is all about your inner colours which come out live on paper and canvas. At a colour therapy class, there is no escape from what you are, as the music helps you to relieve your stress and you pick the colours you connect with while thinking of your problem. Based on this and observation, I suggest the colours that are required for a person’s healing if required for professional healing sessions. I also use aromas as they work very positively for the souls. Thus, Colourdance is all about you inner self coming out like a mirror and then its upto you how you want to shape your future, “cause for me your past does not matter, be positive in the present and see your future change…”


Tell us more about your association with children at Tata Memorial Hospital.

Well I am happy that I got the opportunity to associate myself with the Tata Memorial Hospital. In fact, by the process of teaching them, I in-turn leant a lot for myself. I have seen many children who have calmed down with the help of color therapy and also some cases of epilepsy disappearing and headaches flying away. I remember a child who was suffering from convulsions and since this color therapy with her, her convulsions have come to a halt and she is happily living with her family. 🙂

Though we know that you don’t believe too much in future planning, but we would love to know if you have plans to expand your healing power to other cities for the benefits of others.

In 2007, I had organized an event in Delhi at Hauz Khas. But have been occupied since then at my studio in Mumbai. I am open to new opportunities and looking forward for the same may be to start with metro cities. 🙂

To know more about the Color Queen,  follow her website

Ask Angels for Help

Many people believe that they have an angel who looks after them. Our own angels and guides watch over us and support us in our day to day lives. These angels are called Guardian Angels, and there are millions of them!

Did you know that there were many different types of angels? As well as angels that have charge over human souls, there are angels for just about every task that you could think of. There are angels in charge of our waterways, angels who watch over the passage of the moon and angels in charge of things such a world peace. There are even angels that can help you to move house and write letters!

Don’t ever be afraid of asking an angel for help. You won’t be taking them away from a greater task. Angels are not ruled by time and space in the way that we are, and can easily be in many places at once. If you need an angel’s help, just ask.

Here is a list of common problem areas and the angels that you can call upon to help you.

Communicating with your angels is a personal thing but it is useful to have a place to start! Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Write down the name of the angel you need on a piece of paper. Place it under your pillow last thing at night. That way you will be ‘sleeping’ on the task at hand. Ask the angels to help you morning and night until you see your way clear.

2. Print out the name of your angel on a piece of card (the size of a business card) and have it laminated. Carry it with you in a wallet or purse and every time you look at the card it will bring your request to the front of your mind, keeping your helper’s name freshly in your mind.

3. Use a picture or postcard of an angel as a focus for your request. Write down your problem on the back of the card. This literally and symbolically leaves the angel ‘on top’ of the problem.

You don’t have to use any specific words or phrases to do this and sometimes it is better to work ‘from the heart.’ But always write your request in such a way that it seems as if the problem has already been solved.

Use the phrase, ‘Thank you angels for helping me solve this problem.’

Did you know that angels can help with our hobbies and even assist us in the workplace? Each angel has guardianship over different types of skills. The Archangel Gabriel is one of the better known angels and it is the angel Gabriel who went to Mary to give her the news that she was carrying the baby Jesus. Forever after, Gabriel was associated with the role of communicator. Gabriel is the patron of postal workers and in fact all communicators!

The Archangel Michael has long been associated with protection and guardianship. Paintings and statues the world over feature Michael carrying a flaming sword, and often dressed ready for battle. Michael is the patron of police officers, and the armed forces, for obvious reasons!

Although some people prefer to call on the angels using specific rituals and practices, it is ok to do what feels right for you. If you like to pray to your angels every night before you go to bed then do that. If you find it easier to talk to your angels whilst you are out in nature, then that’s fine too. Do you like to meditate at home on your own? Or ask your angels to give you a message in your dreams? do it …………..what u want is the right ritual ……….

If you can’t remember the right angel for the job,love ,relationship,exams,health…………..anything…… don’t worry. Just ask for ‘…the ask angel for the task,’ and the right angel will be found for you herself . Know it will be done. Let the angels find a solution for you – they often come up with something much better than we can think of on our own!