Sanish Cherian – 24yr old making name in events and fashion photography


ED: How and when did photography happen? Was it a childhood passion or there’s some other story behind it?

Sanish: The craze for photography begun when I was a teenager. I had this tiny digital camera, which I used to carry anywhere & everywhere and captur-ing whatever I found interesting was my priority. So I always used to keep my eyes wide open for the best pictures. When my loved ones started appreci-ating my talent, I decided to take a step ahead and get a little more professional. I wanted to train my-self professionally but the place where I was based, lacked opportunities. So my source for learning was Internet and, which gave me a huge boost. I used to take out 5 to 6 hours from my daily routine for this and gradually developed some knowledge on how to use a DSLR.

ED: How does it feel to be one of the youngest photographers and awarded with the prestigious Youngest Fashion Photographer Of The Year Award?

Sanish: The feeling was just amazing. I never imagined in my whole life that I could be chosen as one of them. 3 years of hard work that I have put for this, has paid off somehow. I worked myself day & night to learn more, explore many aspects of photography and experiment with various themes. For this, my friends and well wishers, provided me full on sup-port at every stage. I sincerely have to thank all the the fashion designers who kept their faith on me and in my work.

ED: You must have shot various events. Which has been your favorite until now and why?

Sanish: I have covered so many events in the past 4 years that, just to pick up one favorite wouldn’t be easy. The reason being, events is something which I love to cover after fashion shows. It involves meeting a lot of people, which includes some potential clients, making new friends and getting to cover the stars of Bollywood, and Hollywood is truly beyond one’s imagination.

ED: Where do you derive your inspiration for photography from?

Sanish: Another tough question indeed. Well again, there are so many out there to choose from. It’s Andrea Grazia, the well-known Italian fashion photogra-pher. She has been of tremendous help. If I had to credit somebody for my fashion photography award. It’s definitely her.

ED: Tell us something about your company.

Sanish: We are a firm with 12 photographers of various na-tionalities specialized in product shoots, all types of events, portraits, commercial and hi-end fashion photography and videography services. We have our own makeup artists, hair stylists and a design team who have been throughout with me providing all support.

ED: How do you think your photography is different from other people in your area? What makes you better than them?
Sanish: I’m no genius in photography. I just try to give my 100% to whatever I do and the remaining help comes from the one above. Every photographer has their own style in photography, which makes them different from the others. I maintained my simplicity and naturality in all the shots that I have captured. Not to forget, we are one team capable of delivering any event pictures in less than 24 hours. I guess that is enough to give others a good run.

ED: Who is your icon in Photography? Anyone whose work you admire.

Sanish: I try to be an icon myself (smiles). Again to mention one name here is difficult as I follow works of many photographers to improve my-self.

ED: Any event you want to cover someday and makes it to your wish list.

Sanish: I have covered some of the major events in the past 4 years and I can’t ask God for more. He has showered me with the events that I always wanted to cover. More than any event, I would love to do a photoshoot with Actress Sonali Bendre whom I find extremely adorable.

ED: Any advice you would like to give to the budding photographers.

Sanish: Keeping your head on your shoulders and staying positive is the key. Keep clicking every time you find something interesting. Analyze the plus points and the flaws of the picture, which will make you mentally prepared for any forthcoming shot.

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