Varija Bajaj- Self-made Business woman to self-made designer

“It became imperative for me to first understand the pulse of the market and then design backwards.”

Says Varija Bajaj to Priyanka Singhal, Editors Delight

ED:  How did designing happen? Did you always want to become a designer or it came as a result of something? Tell us your story, which led you to the road of creativity and designing.

Varija: I have a Philosophy (Miranda House), Advertising (Xaviers Institute of Communications) and an MBA (University of Shiffield) background.  VARIJA that was conceptualized and began in 2004 was a business venture where I had designers working for me. I was into the management and looked after the strategies. But very soon I realized that the collection that was designed by my designers was much closer to the ramp than to the real people. It was ideal for models and petite figures.  They all looked good on the ramp  but the designs could have been endorsed by all and sundry.   Also there was a huge market of not –so- perfect shapes and sizes waiting to be tapped and I decided to go for it.

In Management they teach –“If your customers want rotten apples give them rotten apples”. Hence it became imperative for me to first understand the pulse of the market and then design backwards. Thence I started designing myself…instead of de-conditioning educationally trained designers.

I wouldn’t say that this is an ideal way of becoming a designer. It is very important to get technical/theoretical/educational training…which I didn’t and that meant figuring out ways on my own, which obviously took time. However I mastered all practical aspects while on the job. My strong will to achieve, coupled with my aesthetic sense and basic sense of proportion and balance helped me become a designer.

ED:  What does designing mean to you? How would you define designing as a person and as a designer? Is there any success mantra you particularly believe in?

Varija: Designing in any form is a creative expression of my thought process. It says more than what words can articulate…your lifestyle, your mood, your nature, your age…

As far as my success mantra is concerned, there is not just any one mantra. There are too many…there is no single formula for success ever.

ED: As a designer, what occasions do you like designing for the most? What kind of fabrics do you like working on? How do you ensure the designs match up with the fabrics?

Varija: Primarily, I design for formal and semi formal wedding occasions … They can be weddings, cocktails, receptions, theme parties etc. It also covers other events of celebrations and festivities.

Being Boho in feel VARIJA uses every possible fabric on earth.

ED:  Your forte is Weddings and Occasion wear. How do you ensure that the designs you make are unique and special for the bride? Do you hold conversation sessions with people before designing for them?

Varija: We retail pan India through various multi brand outlets where our creations are picked off the rack without one to one interactions with us. However for special occasions my clients seek appointments where we understand their need and understand their profile before suggesting/designing for them.

Like most designers…we have our own signature style, which is colorful, young, fun and essentially boho in feel. The idea is to depict celebration through finer nuances of our creation. We are known for our playful tassels unusual silhouettes and bright color combos…

ED: You’re also a case study at ISB, Hyderabad. How does it feel to be a case study at one of the most reputed B schools of India? 

Varija: It surely feels good… but not better than the learning that I have had in my journey of VARIJA in last 7years. No accreditation, award or reward can ever replace the feeling that this learning has given me.

ED:  How do you feel when you’re invited for celebrity chat shows? Do you do any special preparation for them? 

Varija: There was a phase when I used to be excited…but not anymore. It’s part of my work and a job that needs to be done…And there is no special preparation except for the fact that I make sure I don’t turn up in my work clothes.

ED: What is the future of Lotusse Lifestyles?  Where do you plan to open you store next. When do we see it happening?

Varija: Ahhh….too many! I want VARIJA stores in the top five cities of India. Then I would love to see multi-designer stores under Lotusse Lifestyles. Also I would love to explore and diversify in other lifestyle products.

We are in the process of evaluating various proposals and it would be too early to define a time line at this point of time.

ED: You’re a great designer who has been able to keep up with changing designs. What tips would you like to give to people who want to look trendy without spending too much? How would designers like us survive if people do not spend money? 🙂

I would just advise keep reading about the latest trends and observe Celebrities which are known to initiate Fashion.

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Doctor turned Belly Dance Instructor n Actor – Sareh Far

“When you know how to prioritize things, striking a balance is not at all difficult”

Says Sareh Far to Priyanka Singhal

ED: Sareh, as your profile says, you are a Masters in Biochemistry, A belly dancer, an actor and a professional choreographer…You must be a multi-tasker?

Sareh: There is a very famous saying by Martin Luther King Jr “If you cannot fly,run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. But keep moving towards your goal.”I have always believed that in order to make one’s dreams come true one has to keep focus and give 200% of efforts, without looking back. You will confront many challenges in your quest to fulfill your dreams but do not let those challenges become an obstacle to your dreams. On the contrary take them as an opportunity to learn something new and prove yourself.

So I did what I should have done to make my dreams a reality. These dreams have been nurtured by me since I was a child and I am very happy for what I am today. I know I have gained experience in various creative fields that one might call “talent” but I feel it is a gift from God. So, it becomes a duty for me to acknowledge the same and pass on the knowledge that I have to other people, whether in Science or Dance. I think it is one of the best way to convey my gratitude to Him and giving importance to each of the talents that I have becomes imperative. So yes, you can say I am a multi-tasker.

ED: When did you get a hang of belly dancing? At what age did you start?

Sareh: It might be surprising for you all but honestly speaking I have never learnt any specific form of dance.  As I said before, dancing is a gift. It comes as easily as breathing to me. I started dancing from childhood. And once I begun it just grew in me. I am always able to pick up a beautiful movement or technique without a lot of effort being put. I just need a little focus. That’s it. And whatever movements I have embedded in my dancing has been learnt from various dance forms and not just any one.

Dance for me is worship. Again, as I have mentioned previously,  is a kind of prayer that I offer  to express my immense gratitude  and praise the creator of the body and soul. Each movement involved in dance connects me to the creator and the body speaks through it. It tells us how beautiful we are. It is an extremely sacred feeling that I cannot put exactly into words.

ED: How do you manage to strike a balance between your studies and your passion for belly dancing and acting?

Sareh: Studies are, indubitably, an important and major part of life. But I get a lot of joy and positive energy from my involvement in creative fields like dancing, modeling and acting. It has always been an attempt to follow what I love the most. When you know how to prioritize things, striking a balance is not at all difficult. And I am glad that I have learnt quite early in life about my priorities and how to handle them.

ED:  How was the experience of working in a mainstream Hindi film?

Sareh: I had a lot of fun working in the film. I experienced how everybody, the director, the actors and the dancers put in so much of effort to even come up with one song for a movie. It is no cakewalk. One needs a lot of hard work and energy and never-say-die attitude.

Creativity, I feel connects us to the Almighty and the amount of efforts everybody was seen putting into the movie was simply a testimony to the fact that in the end nothing but giving your hundred percent matters. It was a great experience, I must say. And I felt completely at home. Everybody was very supportive on the sets.

ED: Can you reveal to us a bit about your character in the movie?

Sareh: It was a great experience working with Anees Bazmee. The movie is called “It’s my Life”. I appear as a dream girl, who is a dream for the hero of the movie, in the main song. I hope you guys enjoy the movie and the song, both.

ED: Do you intend to come back to India anytime soon, considering you have already set foot in the Indian Film industry?

Sareh: Yes, I would love to be back in India as soon as possible. India is a wonderful country and I have found that the people are really compassionate. I have so much more dreams left to be fulfilled and I hope to achieve them in India.

ED: In India, Belly dancing is still not considered a “proper” dance form? What do you have to say about it?

Sareh: Well, I agree that Belly Dancing is not very popular in India but through my experience as an instructor in Belly Dancing, which I have been teaching since the last 4 years in India, I have observed that most of the Indian girls love to learn Belly Dancing. They know that Belly Dance is one of the sexiest forms of dance. Also it helps in losing weight and keeping the body in perfect shape.

There are misconceptions about Belly Dancing but gradually it is getting more and better recognition. Hopefully, it will soon become one of the most popular dance forms in India too.

ED: In your profile, you have mentioned that you are an instructor in Persian dance as well? How different it is from belly dancing?

Sareh: Persian dance refers to a dance form that originates in Iran. In Persian dance, usually, the movements of the upper body are emphasized along with the movements of hands, hip undulations and facial expressions, which is a point of attention. . Although often compared to belly dance which is an Arabic dance form, Persian dance is actually very distinct, due to its signature hand movements, slow and sensual circular hip movements as opposed to the rapid hip movements used in belly dance.

ED: You are involved in various campaign programs? Which one was your first? And which one would you consider as the most favorite?

Sareh: The first campaign that I was hooked for was for Macdonald. My favorite so far has been the campaign for Pantaloon.

ED: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Sareh: Ten years from now, I want to see myself on top of this world.  I want to excel as a good scientist and a good actor. I would also want to own a dance academy bearing my name. There are so many dreams waiting to be accomplished and I hope they will all be coming true in the next ten years.

ED: One last question, Sareh, Who do you idolize? 

Sareh: It’s my parents. I have always idolized them. They have been very supportive, encouraging and have never tried to stop me from following my passion. If it had not been for them, I would have never achieved whatever I have achieved today. They have always stood by me through thick and thin. They are my pillar of strength.

I think parents are really our Gods on earth. They do not just bring you into this world but never give up on you. They are someone who love you the way you are and are always the first ones to support you in the attainment of whatever goals you have set for yourself.

I have always idolized my parents and will always draw inspiration from them.

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Software Engineer Turns Actor & Singer – Madhuri Pandey

“Believe in life’s reality and come prepared for the hurdles and obstacles that is a part and parcel of life.”

Says Madhuri Pandey to Priyanka Singhal

ED: Madhuri, are you an actor first or a singer?

Madhuri: Well, I would always consider myself a singer first because singing is a god’s gift!! Only after God has bestowed you with a beautiful voice, you can groom yourself but if you do not have a voice, then even grooming won’t help. So you either have a singer in you or you don’t! I have had a knack for singing since I was just a kid and Sur-taal always came naturally to me. It’s in my genes too. My  mom is a singer and few uncles and aunts from my  dad’s side also sing pretty well. So, anyday, I am a singer first. 

ED: Where did you learn singing from? Have you taken classical music classes?

Madhuri: Yes, I have taken singing classes on and off from various teachers. I have been trained in Hindustani Classical  The reason why my singing classes have been on and off and why Ihave had various teachers is that initially I  lived in Nainital, then shifted base to Delhi and now I am in Mumbai. So along with the shifting of base so many times, even my teachers changed and for the very same reason my classes were not regular. But that never made me uninterested in singing. Singing is very close to my heart. So, even though we were on our toes shifting bases so many times, I made sure I continue learning my passion.

ED: How did you discover your potential as an actress?

Madhuri:  Acting also comes naturally to me. Actually whenever I was with friends and family or any other social gathering, I used to observe the way people talk and would mimic them. Everybody would be very surprised that I could mimic so well with such excellence.  So while I was pursuing engineering in Delhi, along with taking singing classes, my friends suggested me to try my skills in modelling and related fields. To my own surprise I found myself absolutely comfortable in front of the camera. It was as if I have been trained for the very same.  Of course, there were technicalities that I did not understand before and learnt in due course of time, while working. But expressions were never forced. That just told me that even acting is very much a part of my talents. I realized it is also a gift . It just needed to be tapped and honed.  Some technical things I learnt while working only but expressions were a cakewalk for me. I never had to put much effort to get the expressions right..So guess even acting was very much there inside me.

ED: How did it feel when you first set foot in the “Maya-Nagri” Mumbai?

Madhuri: To be honest, the first 6 months in Mumbai were terrible…It was as if I was lost in the massiveness and vastness of the city. I felt like a tiny fish in an ocean filled with bigger ones. There were no friends to boot and I found it difficult to adjust with the food. But, the greatest nightmare was the travelling part. But thanks to Mumbai, within one year’s time I begun getting offers and then there was absolutely no looking back! 

ED: Being a software engineer, are you working with some company?

Madhuri: Well, after shifting base to Mumbai, which was during the last semester of my engineering, I have followed my passion of working as an Artist and never really got time and chance to serve any company as an engineer! 

ED:  Madhuri, you have performed in TV programs. Do you have any other program to perform in, in the near future?

Madhuri:  I have been a part of TV shows and serials for three good years. This industry has given me a lot and being a part of it makes me proud. I owe a lot of my success to this industry but somehow my singing has taken a backseat. So I have decided to give my singing some time and stick to it. If something really good in TV comes as an offer, then I will be more than happy to grab the opportunity. 

ED: Are you looking into getting roles in mainstream Hindi cinema?

Madhuri: Yes, of course I am looking into mainstream Cinema but as I said earlier that the role should be something that really appeals to me and not just anything. I am ready to take more time but I want to do something that I really like. I do not want to do anything just for the sake of doing it.

ED: How do you rate yourself as an actor and as a singer? Who is better?

Madhuri: That is a tough question because I believe both the actor and singer inside me are equally talented but just that my acting skills have been groomed, having acted in TV for 3 years now and singing will take some time to catch up. Since it is a passion I will never just let it remain an idle gift and keep at it.

ED: There are hundreds of people who want to achieve their dreams. Any message for them?

Madhuri: Believe in yourself is the message I would like to give to aspirants. Also, accept life as it comes. Believe in life’s reality and come prepared for the hurdles and obstacles that is a part and parcel of life. Nothing is a cakewalk. You have to earn everything. But set a time limit for yourself and try achieving your dreams during the set limit.

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Kanchan Maradan – Kathak performer, teacher & choreographer

“Indian Classical dance forms prepare both the body and mind for learning and facing the world with more confidence”

says Kanchan Maradan to Priyanka Singhal

ED: From being a person passionate about dance to becoming an entrepreneur with your new venture, how excited are you about it? 

Kanchan:  I have always been passionate about dance. There is nothing that drives me more.  The business was conceived in collaboration with my brother who lives in India.  I decided to go ahead with this concept because the choices and variety that this venture offers is simply marvelous. And I love ethnic Indian wear.   I wish I had such a choice years’ ago. I can put myself in my customers’ shoes. … So you can say that I am not just a business partner but also a hard-core endorser of the Ethnic Indian wear. And I’m overwhelmed to share this endless variety with the Indian Diaspora and anyone interested in Ethnic Indian wear.

ED:  Now that you are involved in a new business, how do you think will you be following your passion for dancing?

Kanchan: My priorities still remain intact. And my dancing career is my first priority and will remain so always. Being involved with my brother in the business, I really do not have to be so worked up about it. As and when required I would be more than happy to help him. With the advent of this entire online thing and as it has already been set up in my case, well, it can no way affect my dancing.

ED: Having started the training for Bharatnatyam at a very tender age of 10, how did you manage to balance your studies and practice sessions?

Kanchan: It would surprise you but initially, dance has been just a leisure pursuit for me and I would do classes once a week. Madhavi Mudgal was the force that brought into me the seriousness with regards to a career in dancing. I saw her perform in France (where I was living) in 1994 and o boy! I was mesmerized by her performance. Apart from that the deep interest that the French people showed in our culture instigated me to take up dancing as a career and before I could know I was into it with full gusto and enthusiasm.  

ED:  Who has inspired you the most and continues to inspire you?

Kanchan: I cannot take anyone artist’s name. All the artists inspire me immensely and I have deep respect for them.  But particularly my Guruji Ms. Prerana Shrimali (doyen of Jaipur Gharana) will remain a great inspiration for me. The grace, perfection and dedication that are reflected in her, is something that I admire a lot. I am proud to be her student.

ED: Had you not been a classical dancer, what would have been your profession?

Kanchan: Well, I have varied interests, even though my only passion has always been dancing. So had I not been a trained classical dancer, maybe I would have involved myself in a business and would have been an entrepreneur. Another thing that has been able to generate a lot of interest in me is the study of new languages and I also love travelling.

ED: You are also trained in Indian vocals. Did anybody among family tell you about pursuing classical dance and music forms or is it that you always knew?

Kanchan: I never thought of becoming a classical performer due the stigma we had in India which is changing slowly. My ex husband, who was a good Cello and double-base player, encouraged me. He himself couldn’t pursue it as a career but wanted to see me as an artist. And Guruji guided me to take up other subjects related to dance like tabla, which I did for a year but it was singing that really appealed to me.

ED: You have worked with world famous Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles. How was the experience of working with him?

Kanchan: It was an experience that I will treasure all my life. It was simply fantastic. Having admired his work a lot even before I personally knew him, I was on top of the world when I was approached to participate in the commercial he was doing on the theme of bells.  I’d worked on 2 other dance productions with his wife Ciça Meirelles who is a very good actress, dancer, etc. and a very good and dear friend.

ED:  Today’s kids are more into learning the western dance forms like Salsa, Ballet etc. Would you like to give them a message?

Kanchan: Yes. It’s nice to learn different dance forms but one should be proud of one’s own culture first as that is one’s true identity. From my own experience, I can say with confidence that once you learn Indian Classical dance, it becomes extremely easy to learn all other forms of dance, because the Indian Classical dance forms prepare both the body and mind. It’s not just an art form but more like a meditation… It helps in many aspects of life. It disciplines you, makes you stronger, helps your brain to multi-task, and sharpens your mind and body… just to name a few advantages. I think everyone should learn some art form whether it is dance, music, theatre, etc… and if you are into Indian Classical dance, then nothing like it really.

ED: Kanchan, tell us a little more about your new venture Ethnic Wear India. Are you also offering discounts and free shipping facility?

Kanchan: We are offering very competitive prices. To make sure that our customers get the best we have put in a lot of hard work into sourcing the products from all over India. Right now we are looking into the free shipping facility for our loyal customers. You can just keep checking the website for upcoming offers. We keep updating it regularly.

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AYESHA WADIWALA – Meticulous make up artist and a proud single mother!


Says Ayesha Wadiwala to Priyanka Singhal

ED: How did this profession happen? Did you always want to do this? Tell us about your journey.

Ayesha: I have been a creative person all my life. As a child, I have won many inter-school painting competitions. But being good at academics as well, made me do my graduation in management; soon after which I got married. Makeup was always a hobby and a passion and I’ve been doing makeup for family, friends and myself since school days. When my daughter turned 2, my best friend pushed me to take it up as a career. So I just did a 5-day makeup workshop to get started. As my kid was small, I just thought of doing it as a part time profession. Just a week after doing the workshop, I got my 1st bridal assignment and more offers started pouring in. Within no time, I found myself taking it up as a full time career. I also started assisting various artists on fashion shoots and ad films. That’s how everything got started.

ED: Please detail us more of your journey, the  ups n downs with ur daughter n hw u managed her with ur work… ( Your profession involves a lot of travelling.  How do you manage it all especially when you have a daughter? Is there any difficulty spending time with her?)

Ayesha: Having a daughter around is a beautiful feeling. Yes, it is difficult to manage work but she is my biggest inspiration. Also she is a very understanding child who has been my pillar of strength always.

As I said, it is not easy and like any other working mother I do go on guilt trips at times. But I always make sure I spend quality time with her. I may not get a lot of time with her but I make up for it whenever I get time. We share a very amazing relationship at this age, she has become more like a buddy and that makes me feel good. Her time is hers alone and I make sure that my work is not a barrier. I generally avoid working on weekends except during the wedding season.

My Priority is my daughter, Samaira and I work hard so that when my daughter grows up, she feels proud of me and get inspired as well. My mission to work is focused with my daughter in mind, which motivates me. When someone has a certain mission in mind, they can reach the skies.

So, weekends are completely devoted to Samaira. We go painting, shopping, movies and make the most of our weekends together… A tight hug from her after a long day of work is my biggest stress buster.

ED:  How would you define yourself in terms of a Make Up Artist? How have you evolved as a person and as an artist?

Ayesha:  Being a makeup artist has enabled me to see people differently. I now understand that it’s a combination of inner and outer beauty that makes a person complete. While applying makeup, I don’t focus on just the outer beauty; I try to focus on completing a person’s personality. I focus on what makes them happy. People feel complete and that boosts their confidence. It has overall been a very satisfying and fulfilling experience for me. It has really evolved me as a person as it gives me an opportunity to meet new people every day from different walks of life. Understanding their needs, tastes and choices and helping them look better motivates me to constantly upgrade my skills and deliver the best. The evolution will continue forever.

ED: How different is the bridal make up and the Fashion make up? Which one excites you more

Ayesha: Bridal make up and the Fashion make up are both very different.

While doing fashion makeup, there is more choice of colors and more scope for creativity. It kind of unleashes the artist in me. However, bridal makeup is very complex and requires special skills, as the bride has to look good in person as well as in photographs. I understand women and that helps me to give them various options.  I totally disagree with people who say you can’t experiment. If your mission is to make a woman look truly amazing you can use creativity and experimentation. Out of the two, Bridal makeup excites me more. When I am doing fashion make-up, I am dealing mainly with models that have excellent skin and great facial features. But when I am doing bridal makeup, it gives me an opportunity to deal with average people and the challenge to make them look at their best is what keeps the clock ticking. Ultimately, their photographs reflect their happiness. When people write to me and thank me for making their day so special, it feels very rewarding.

ED: According to you, who is your role model in the make up industry? Someone you would want to be like someday.

Ayesha: My role model has to be Mickey contractor without any doubt. It is because he has stood the test of time and continues to evolve even now after all these years.

ED: Do you have any plans to start off as a makeup artist for movies? If yes, which directors would you want to start working off with?

Ayesha: Currently I am happy doing make-up for brides, some ad films and photo-shoots.

Movies require a longer commitment and one has to work on the same face everyday and maintain the same look for an actor. I will do movies but will be selective in choosing them. I would like a movie with a good star cast and great directors.

I would love to start off working with Imtiaz Ali and Karan Johar as they work really hard on the looks of their characters, which would give me a good scope to show my creativity.

ED: How has the make up industry changed since 2004? Are there any particular styles you adhere to?

Ayesha:  The makeup industry has changed tremendously over the past few years. With the launch of various international make-up brands in India, there is a vast variety of products to choose from.  People have started taking more interest in their appearance. Corporates, Housewives and even College students wear makeup on a regular basis and don’t mind spending exuberantly on good quality makeup. In terms of makeup techniques, there have been quite a few changes. Natural and sheer base are the trend as opposed to the thick panstick and caky makeup before. My style of make-up is to create a base that looks so natural as if one has a flawless and radiant skin. And then I work on enhancing the features.

ED: You’ve worked with some celebrities in the past. How has that experience been? Any celebrity you wish to work with some day?

 Ayesha: Yes I’ve worked with quite a lot of celebrities like Minisha Lamba, Shaina NC, Tara Sharma and Super Models like Dipti Gujral, Aanchal Kumar, Amruta Patki, Natasha Suri and many more. I’ve had a great experience working with all of them. What I realized while working for these celebrities was that they lead a very hectic life and they work really hard to be where they are, unlike the image people have of them. I recently enjoyed working with Wayne Parnell, a South African cricketer for a PETA Ad campaign. He came across as a fun loving and down to earth person.

I dream to work with Aishwarya Rai, Rekha and Salma Hayek.

ED: We heard you conduct personal skin care workshops. So what advice would you give to our readers for their personal skin care? 

Ayesha: Yes, I do conduct personal skin care workshops where I train my clients how to know their skin types and how to follow a healthy skin care regime.

I recommend them a skin care regime according to their age, skin type and their lifestyle. They come out of my workshops geared up to make themselves and others look great. To have a good skin drink, one must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday, use a good cleanser based on their skin type. I recommend a Cetaphil facial cleanser, which is dermatologist recommended and is easily available for all skin types. Also moisturize your skin daily after cleansing; Use a good sunscreen after moisturizing even when you are indoors. Brands like Clarins, Sheisheido and Neutrogena make good sunscreens. Using Aloe Vera gel on your face every night will ensure a youthful glow on your face. Have a vitamin C supplement like Celine 500 daily if your skin is dry. If your skin is ageing, have supplements of evening primprose oil and Vitamin E. Use a lip balm with an SPF regularly. Never sleep with your makeup on, no matter how late it is. Use a good makeup remover and cleanse your face thoroughly. Regular exercise is the best investment you can do for your skin. But ultimately the best skin comes when you have a positive outlook towards life. The skin replenishes itself with good thoughts.

ED: Any makeup tips we could have from one of the finest Make up artists of India?

Ayesha: According to me, makeup is meant to beautify and enhance your features and not to make you look like someone else. Always choose a foundation of your own skin tone and not anything lighter, because that will not make you look fair but you will appear chalky. Always pick one feature of your face and enhance it. If you are going heavy on the eyes, use nude and natural colors on the lips. Always use dark brown eyebrow pencil and not a black one to shape your eyebrows. Eyebrows are a very important feature and the most neglected features too. Well-shaped and well-defined eyebrows can really enhance and add character to one’s face. A good mascara is a very important makeup tool and I would recommend false lash effect from Max factor and Hypnose from Lancome. For regular use, I recommend mineral powder foundations by FACES and L’oreal since they are easy to apply give a good coverage and are made of natural minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Also use a hydrating spray like MAC fix+. Spraying the kit at regular intervals will keep the makeup fresh and radiant throughout the day. If you follow these, I can assure you of a beautiful and radiant skin throughout your life.

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Tarot Card Reader – Harpreet Narula


ED: How does the journey from Bachelors and Business Management to Tarot Card begin?

Harpreet: I also think about this a lot of times since I always wanted to do Business. And often think how I entered the tarot reading. I guess here comes the role of “Destiny”, for what God has sent me in this world. Since a very young age in my dreams and thoughts, I saw certain things for people, which turned out to be true. But since I was very small, I could not understand the significance or anything. From a very young age, I had started reading books related to Astrology, Numerology and spiritual things. It is like when at times I say something related to someone’s future, and it comes true. But later on I come to know about the psychic ability that I have. While moving around in a bookstore, I picked up cards that really attracted me. I took that for me, but it made way to the start of my journey with tarot cards.

ED: What is closest to your heart, Tarot cards, astrology or numerology?

Harpreet: I would say Tarot is closest to me. But with the same, angelic healing and Angel card reading is also very close to me as that gives me more perfect answers as tarot that any other thing can’t give. But surely for solutions I trust upon Astrology.

ED: Are these all related to each other? If yes, then how?

Harpreet: Yup, all these are interrelated as all relate to a person’s future.

ED: According to you, what is most important and everyone shall pay importance to in their lives? Is it fengshui, tarot, astrology, numerology?

Harpreet:  I would say yes, it is important but not too much as it requires intuitive ability of a reader, patience and clairvoyance powers of a reader to understand the client.

I will not comment on this as every study has its own way that depends on the problem of the person and the main thing is to mentally satisfy your client. So anything that helps a person, you can use that.

ED: What is the angel therapy about?

Harpreet:  Angel therapy is an alternative healing concept that involves communication with angels. The idea behind this therapy is to establish a connection with an angelic being. Loving and powerful angels, who want to assist you in every area of your life, surround you. How we can take their help, ask their assistance in our prayers, and ask them to heal us is in all the ways of our lives.

ED: What has been the most remember-able incidence of doing someone’s forecast? Something which remains with you and reminds you of that again and again? How far do you yourself believe in these forecasts?

Harpreet: There is nothing that I will say I don’t.  If you’re asking about a single incident, I’ll say there are many more. But still I’ll try to narrate the best one. One of my clients was having problems regarding the baby. She did not have any till the age of 40 and wanted one. But, by going to many places too, she was not happy, as she did not have any. Even the doctors had said no. But call it a miracle of God and angels, I used to tell her to wait and let the right time come, and that she’ll have it. After a year, she conceived and gave birth to a sweet baby boy. She was so happy that she called me first. This is one moment I cannot forget till today.

I do believe in the forecasts, but depends on who is behind the forecast.

ED: After doing courses, what do you find the best and true – Feng Shui, tarot cards, astrology, numerology etc ?

Harpreet:  According to me, all are true. Every study has its own way of explaining things, but at last all of them lead to one end. That is, by telling the future and helping people solve their problems related to job, finance, marriage, home etc.

ED: Is it possible to get a tarot card reading done over the call sitting in some other city or country? If it is, then how much accurate is it?

Harpreet: Yes, it is possible to get the tarot card reading done over the call too. But the main thing in that is that the reader has to be intuitive, readers’ telepathy skills should be good, and have to have great clairvoyant and psychic powers. I do such reading for my clients and get great accurate results too. They are fully satisfied with my readings and moreover when their work is done, I get a lot of blessings from them; which is much more important.

ED: Any quick learning you want to share with your readers?

Harpreet: I believe that the purpose of life is for God to become known to himself. I just believe in Karma and want my clients to believe in the same too. Because the seed you bow yourself, the plant is going to be the same or you will get the same fruit. So love everyone as every creature in this world is made by god.