AYESHA WADIWALA – Meticulous make up artist and a proud single mother!


Says Ayesha Wadiwala to Priyanka Singhal

ED: How did this profession happen? Did you always want to do this? Tell us about your journey.

Ayesha: I have been a creative person all my life. As a child, I have won many inter-school painting competitions. But being good at academics as well, made me do my graduation in management; soon after which I got married. Makeup was always a hobby and a passion and I’ve been doing makeup for family, friends and myself since school days. When my daughter turned 2, my best friend pushed me to take it up as a career. So I just did a 5-day makeup workshop to get started. As my kid was small, I just thought of doing it as a part time profession. Just a week after doing the workshop, I got my 1st bridal assignment and more offers started pouring in. Within no time, I found myself taking it up as a full time career. I also started assisting various artists on fashion shoots and ad films. That’s how everything got started.

ED: Please detail us more of your journey, the  ups n downs with ur daughter n hw u managed her with ur work… ( Your profession involves a lot of travelling.  How do you manage it all especially when you have a daughter? Is there any difficulty spending time with her?)

Ayesha: Having a daughter around is a beautiful feeling. Yes, it is difficult to manage work but she is my biggest inspiration. Also she is a very understanding child who has been my pillar of strength always.

As I said, it is not easy and like any other working mother I do go on guilt trips at times. But I always make sure I spend quality time with her. I may not get a lot of time with her but I make up for it whenever I get time. We share a very amazing relationship at this age, she has become more like a buddy and that makes me feel good. Her time is hers alone and I make sure that my work is not a barrier. I generally avoid working on weekends except during the wedding season.

My Priority is my daughter, Samaira and I work hard so that when my daughter grows up, she feels proud of me and get inspired as well. My mission to work is focused with my daughter in mind, which motivates me. When someone has a certain mission in mind, they can reach the skies.

So, weekends are completely devoted to Samaira. We go painting, shopping, movies and make the most of our weekends together… A tight hug from her after a long day of work is my biggest stress buster.

ED:  How would you define yourself in terms of a Make Up Artist? How have you evolved as a person and as an artist?

Ayesha:  Being a makeup artist has enabled me to see people differently. I now understand that it’s a combination of inner and outer beauty that makes a person complete. While applying makeup, I don’t focus on just the outer beauty; I try to focus on completing a person’s personality. I focus on what makes them happy. People feel complete and that boosts their confidence. It has overall been a very satisfying and fulfilling experience for me. It has really evolved me as a person as it gives me an opportunity to meet new people every day from different walks of life. Understanding their needs, tastes and choices and helping them look better motivates me to constantly upgrade my skills and deliver the best. The evolution will continue forever.

ED: How different is the bridal make up and the Fashion make up? Which one excites you more

Ayesha: Bridal make up and the Fashion make up are both very different.

While doing fashion makeup, there is more choice of colors and more scope for creativity. It kind of unleashes the artist in me. However, bridal makeup is very complex and requires special skills, as the bride has to look good in person as well as in photographs. I understand women and that helps me to give them various options.  I totally disagree with people who say you can’t experiment. If your mission is to make a woman look truly amazing you can use creativity and experimentation. Out of the two, Bridal makeup excites me more. When I am doing fashion make-up, I am dealing mainly with models that have excellent skin and great facial features. But when I am doing bridal makeup, it gives me an opportunity to deal with average people and the challenge to make them look at their best is what keeps the clock ticking. Ultimately, their photographs reflect their happiness. When people write to me and thank me for making their day so special, it feels very rewarding.

ED: According to you, who is your role model in the make up industry? Someone you would want to be like someday.

Ayesha: My role model has to be Mickey contractor without any doubt. It is because he has stood the test of time and continues to evolve even now after all these years.

ED: Do you have any plans to start off as a makeup artist for movies? If yes, which directors would you want to start working off with?

Ayesha: Currently I am happy doing make-up for brides, some ad films and photo-shoots.

Movies require a longer commitment and one has to work on the same face everyday and maintain the same look for an actor. I will do movies but will be selective in choosing them. I would like a movie with a good star cast and great directors.

I would love to start off working with Imtiaz Ali and Karan Johar as they work really hard on the looks of their characters, which would give me a good scope to show my creativity.

ED: How has the make up industry changed since 2004? Are there any particular styles you adhere to?

Ayesha:  The makeup industry has changed tremendously over the past few years. With the launch of various international make-up brands in India, there is a vast variety of products to choose from.  People have started taking more interest in their appearance. Corporates, Housewives and even College students wear makeup on a regular basis and don’t mind spending exuberantly on good quality makeup. In terms of makeup techniques, there have been quite a few changes. Natural and sheer base are the trend as opposed to the thick panstick and caky makeup before. My style of make-up is to create a base that looks so natural as if one has a flawless and radiant skin. And then I work on enhancing the features.

ED: You’ve worked with some celebrities in the past. How has that experience been? Any celebrity you wish to work with some day?

 Ayesha: Yes I’ve worked with quite a lot of celebrities like Minisha Lamba, Shaina NC, Tara Sharma and Super Models like Dipti Gujral, Aanchal Kumar, Amruta Patki, Natasha Suri and many more. I’ve had a great experience working with all of them. What I realized while working for these celebrities was that they lead a very hectic life and they work really hard to be where they are, unlike the image people have of them. I recently enjoyed working with Wayne Parnell, a South African cricketer for a PETA Ad campaign. He came across as a fun loving and down to earth person.

I dream to work with Aishwarya Rai, Rekha and Salma Hayek.

ED: We heard you conduct personal skin care workshops. So what advice would you give to our readers for their personal skin care? 

Ayesha: Yes, I do conduct personal skin care workshops where I train my clients how to know their skin types and how to follow a healthy skin care regime.

I recommend them a skin care regime according to their age, skin type and their lifestyle. They come out of my workshops geared up to make themselves and others look great. To have a good skin drink, one must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday, use a good cleanser based on their skin type. I recommend a Cetaphil facial cleanser, which is dermatologist recommended and is easily available for all skin types. Also moisturize your skin daily after cleansing; Use a good sunscreen after moisturizing even when you are indoors. Brands like Clarins, Sheisheido and Neutrogena make good sunscreens. Using Aloe Vera gel on your face every night will ensure a youthful glow on your face. Have a vitamin C supplement like Celine 500 daily if your skin is dry. If your skin is ageing, have supplements of evening primprose oil and Vitamin E. Use a lip balm with an SPF regularly. Never sleep with your makeup on, no matter how late it is. Use a good makeup remover and cleanse your face thoroughly. Regular exercise is the best investment you can do for your skin. But ultimately the best skin comes when you have a positive outlook towards life. The skin replenishes itself with good thoughts.

ED: Any makeup tips we could have from one of the finest Make up artists of India?

Ayesha: According to me, makeup is meant to beautify and enhance your features and not to make you look like someone else. Always choose a foundation of your own skin tone and not anything lighter, because that will not make you look fair but you will appear chalky. Always pick one feature of your face and enhance it. If you are going heavy on the eyes, use nude and natural colors on the lips. Always use dark brown eyebrow pencil and not a black one to shape your eyebrows. Eyebrows are a very important feature and the most neglected features too. Well-shaped and well-defined eyebrows can really enhance and add character to one’s face. A good mascara is a very important makeup tool and I would recommend false lash effect from Max factor and Hypnose from Lancome. For regular use, I recommend mineral powder foundations by FACES and L’oreal since they are easy to apply give a good coverage and are made of natural minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Also use a hydrating spray like MAC fix+. Spraying the kit at regular intervals will keep the makeup fresh and radiant throughout the day. If you follow these, I can assure you of a beautiful and radiant skin throughout your life.

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