Software Engineer Turns Actor & Singer – Madhuri Pandey

“Believe in life’s reality and come prepared for the hurdles and obstacles that is a part and parcel of life.”

Says Madhuri Pandey to Priyanka Singhal

ED: Madhuri, are you an actor first or a singer?

Madhuri: Well, I would always consider myself a singer first because singing is a god’s gift!! Only after God has bestowed you with a beautiful voice, you can groom yourself but if you do not have a voice, then even grooming won’t help. So you either have a singer in you or you don’t! I have had a knack for singing since I was just a kid and Sur-taal always came naturally to me. It’s in my genes too. My  mom is a singer and few uncles and aunts from my  dad’s side also sing pretty well. So, anyday, I am a singer first. 

ED: Where did you learn singing from? Have you taken classical music classes?

Madhuri: Yes, I have taken singing classes on and off from various teachers. I have been trained in Hindustani Classical  The reason why my singing classes have been on and off and why Ihave had various teachers is that initially I  lived in Nainital, then shifted base to Delhi and now I am in Mumbai. So along with the shifting of base so many times, even my teachers changed and for the very same reason my classes were not regular. But that never made me uninterested in singing. Singing is very close to my heart. So, even though we were on our toes shifting bases so many times, I made sure I continue learning my passion.

ED: How did you discover your potential as an actress?

Madhuri:  Acting also comes naturally to me. Actually whenever I was with friends and family or any other social gathering, I used to observe the way people talk and would mimic them. Everybody would be very surprised that I could mimic so well with such excellence.  So while I was pursuing engineering in Delhi, along with taking singing classes, my friends suggested me to try my skills in modelling and related fields. To my own surprise I found myself absolutely comfortable in front of the camera. It was as if I have been trained for the very same.  Of course, there were technicalities that I did not understand before and learnt in due course of time, while working. But expressions were never forced. That just told me that even acting is very much a part of my talents. I realized it is also a gift . It just needed to be tapped and honed.  Some technical things I learnt while working only but expressions were a cakewalk for me. I never had to put much effort to get the expressions right..So guess even acting was very much there inside me.

ED: How did it feel when you first set foot in the “Maya-Nagri” Mumbai?

Madhuri: To be honest, the first 6 months in Mumbai were terrible…It was as if I was lost in the massiveness and vastness of the city. I felt like a tiny fish in an ocean filled with bigger ones. There were no friends to boot and I found it difficult to adjust with the food. But, the greatest nightmare was the travelling part. But thanks to Mumbai, within one year’s time I begun getting offers and then there was absolutely no looking back! 

ED: Being a software engineer, are you working with some company?

Madhuri: Well, after shifting base to Mumbai, which was during the last semester of my engineering, I have followed my passion of working as an Artist and never really got time and chance to serve any company as an engineer! 

ED:  Madhuri, you have performed in TV programs. Do you have any other program to perform in, in the near future?

Madhuri:  I have been a part of TV shows and serials for three good years. This industry has given me a lot and being a part of it makes me proud. I owe a lot of my success to this industry but somehow my singing has taken a backseat. So I have decided to give my singing some time and stick to it. If something really good in TV comes as an offer, then I will be more than happy to grab the opportunity. 

ED: Are you looking into getting roles in mainstream Hindi cinema?

Madhuri: Yes, of course I am looking into mainstream Cinema but as I said earlier that the role should be something that really appeals to me and not just anything. I am ready to take more time but I want to do something that I really like. I do not want to do anything just for the sake of doing it.

ED: How do you rate yourself as an actor and as a singer? Who is better?

Madhuri: That is a tough question because I believe both the actor and singer inside me are equally talented but just that my acting skills have been groomed, having acted in TV for 3 years now and singing will take some time to catch up. Since it is a passion I will never just let it remain an idle gift and keep at it.

ED: There are hundreds of people who want to achieve their dreams. Any message for them?

Madhuri: Believe in yourself is the message I would like to give to aspirants. Also, accept life as it comes. Believe in life’s reality and come prepared for the hurdles and obstacles that is a part and parcel of life. Nothing is a cakewalk. You have to earn everything. But set a time limit for yourself and try achieving your dreams during the set limit.

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