Doctor turned Belly Dance Instructor n Actor – Sareh Far

“When you know how to prioritize things, striking a balance is not at all difficult”

Says Sareh Far to Priyanka Singhal

ED: Sareh, as your profile says, you are a Masters in Biochemistry, A belly dancer, an actor and a professional choreographer…You must be a multi-tasker?

Sareh: There is a very famous saying by Martin Luther King Jr “If you cannot fly,run. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. But keep moving towards your goal.”I have always believed that in order to make one’s dreams come true one has to keep focus and give 200% of efforts, without looking back. You will confront many challenges in your quest to fulfill your dreams but do not let those challenges become an obstacle to your dreams. On the contrary take them as an opportunity to learn something new and prove yourself.

So I did what I should have done to make my dreams a reality. These dreams have been nurtured by me since I was a child and I am very happy for what I am today. I know I have gained experience in various creative fields that one might call “talent” but I feel it is a gift from God. So, it becomes a duty for me to acknowledge the same and pass on the knowledge that I have to other people, whether in Science or Dance. I think it is one of the best way to convey my gratitude to Him and giving importance to each of the talents that I have becomes imperative. So yes, you can say I am a multi-tasker.

ED: When did you get a hang of belly dancing? At what age did you start?

Sareh: It might be surprising for you all but honestly speaking I have never learnt any specific form of dance.  As I said before, dancing is a gift. It comes as easily as breathing to me. I started dancing from childhood. And once I begun it just grew in me. I am always able to pick up a beautiful movement or technique without a lot of effort being put. I just need a little focus. That’s it. And whatever movements I have embedded in my dancing has been learnt from various dance forms and not just any one.

Dance for me is worship. Again, as I have mentioned previously,  is a kind of prayer that I offer  to express my immense gratitude  and praise the creator of the body and soul. Each movement involved in dance connects me to the creator and the body speaks through it. It tells us how beautiful we are. It is an extremely sacred feeling that I cannot put exactly into words.

ED: How do you manage to strike a balance between your studies and your passion for belly dancing and acting?

Sareh: Studies are, indubitably, an important and major part of life. But I get a lot of joy and positive energy from my involvement in creative fields like dancing, modeling and acting. It has always been an attempt to follow what I love the most. When you know how to prioritize things, striking a balance is not at all difficult. And I am glad that I have learnt quite early in life about my priorities and how to handle them.

ED:  How was the experience of working in a mainstream Hindi film?

Sareh: I had a lot of fun working in the film. I experienced how everybody, the director, the actors and the dancers put in so much of effort to even come up with one song for a movie. It is no cakewalk. One needs a lot of hard work and energy and never-say-die attitude.

Creativity, I feel connects us to the Almighty and the amount of efforts everybody was seen putting into the movie was simply a testimony to the fact that in the end nothing but giving your hundred percent matters. It was a great experience, I must say. And I felt completely at home. Everybody was very supportive on the sets.

ED: Can you reveal to us a bit about your character in the movie?

Sareh: It was a great experience working with Anees Bazmee. The movie is called “It’s my Life”. I appear as a dream girl, who is a dream for the hero of the movie, in the main song. I hope you guys enjoy the movie and the song, both.

ED: Do you intend to come back to India anytime soon, considering you have already set foot in the Indian Film industry?

Sareh: Yes, I would love to be back in India as soon as possible. India is a wonderful country and I have found that the people are really compassionate. I have so much more dreams left to be fulfilled and I hope to achieve them in India.

ED: In India, Belly dancing is still not considered a “proper” dance form? What do you have to say about it?

Sareh: Well, I agree that Belly Dancing is not very popular in India but through my experience as an instructor in Belly Dancing, which I have been teaching since the last 4 years in India, I have observed that most of the Indian girls love to learn Belly Dancing. They know that Belly Dance is one of the sexiest forms of dance. Also it helps in losing weight and keeping the body in perfect shape.

There are misconceptions about Belly Dancing but gradually it is getting more and better recognition. Hopefully, it will soon become one of the most popular dance forms in India too.

ED: In your profile, you have mentioned that you are an instructor in Persian dance as well? How different it is from belly dancing?

Sareh: Persian dance refers to a dance form that originates in Iran. In Persian dance, usually, the movements of the upper body are emphasized along with the movements of hands, hip undulations and facial expressions, which is a point of attention. . Although often compared to belly dance which is an Arabic dance form, Persian dance is actually very distinct, due to its signature hand movements, slow and sensual circular hip movements as opposed to the rapid hip movements used in belly dance.

ED: You are involved in various campaign programs? Which one was your first? And which one would you consider as the most favorite?

Sareh: The first campaign that I was hooked for was for Macdonald. My favorite so far has been the campaign for Pantaloon.

ED: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Sareh: Ten years from now, I want to see myself on top of this world.  I want to excel as a good scientist and a good actor. I would also want to own a dance academy bearing my name. There are so many dreams waiting to be accomplished and I hope they will all be coming true in the next ten years.

ED: One last question, Sareh, Who do you idolize? 

Sareh: It’s my parents. I have always idolized them. They have been very supportive, encouraging and have never tried to stop me from following my passion. If it had not been for them, I would have never achieved whatever I have achieved today. They have always stood by me through thick and thin. They are my pillar of strength.

I think parents are really our Gods on earth. They do not just bring you into this world but never give up on you. They are someone who love you the way you are and are always the first ones to support you in the attainment of whatever goals you have set for yourself.

I have always idolized my parents and will always draw inspiration from them.

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