Look Like an Angel with Make Up Artist – Kriti Dhir Sharma

” A bride has to look exclusive because it is her day”

says Kriti Dhir Sharma to Priyanka Singhal, Editors Delight

ED:  Hi Kriti, is there a course that you took up to learn the tricks of the trade? Tell us how you became a make-up artist.

Kriti: To be really honest I was never into taking up make up as a profession. It was when my husband insisted that I learn some make up tips and tricks only for my own self. But while learning I found myself very good at it and that inspired me to become a make-up artist I took up an Advance course from VLCC. My best friend was You Tube where I saw videos of make-up artists and make up tips all throughout the day. It really enhanced my learning process.

ED: What are some of the products that you can’t do without during a make-up assignment and what are your favorite brands?

Kriti: The product that I can’t do without is Lacto Calamine. Trust me it’s one of the best Moisturizer till date and is very much accessible to all and sundry.. On the higher side, my favorite brands are Revlon and Mac. The quality of their products is unmatchable.

ED: Since you are a bridal make-up specialist, what are some make-up products that should always be included?

Kriti: A bride has to look exclusive because it is her day. Her make-up should be done in such a way that just a glance will tell you that she is bride. She has to look stunning and outstanding.

The make-up products that are indispensable in my bridal make-up session are

A Make-up Remover that would help me remove any make-up traces on the face of the to-be bride so that when I start her bridal make-up it looks clean.

-A good Concealer matching the skin tone of the girl. It  would help hide the blemishes and dark spots on the skin.

-A good Compact Powder again to go with the skin tone so that the girl’s skin acquires a matt finish.

-Lip Liners, Lipstick and Gloss are a must have in my make-up kit.

-Eye Liner, Kohl and Mascara 

ED: Which look is in this season? Which one do you love the most?

Kriti: The New year has begun and so also the wedding season The main Focus is on the eyes this season with a  generous sweep of Nude Lipstick and clear Gloss. You can bid adieu to all the reds and green combinations. This season is all about the reds and blues, purples and pinks. A look that is a personal favorite with me is the Dramatic eyes look where the color used on the lips is nude whereas eyes are lined and beautified with vibrant colors or just the vice versa.

ED: Your profile says that you have worked with a leading photographer. Can you tell us who have you worked with and how was the experience?

Kriti: It was a  really nice experience working with Mr. Harinder Kalsi, a London based Photographer. He is “The Man”. He is extremely down-to-earth.  With him the shoots were amazing and everything went well.

ED: Lastly Kriti, can you give us some basic make-up and style tips?

Kriti: A very basic make up tip that I would like to give all girls is that whenever they apply foundation they should ensure that it goes well with their skin tone and is not over done. This is so because a badly applied foundation is an eye sore. The color that you see under your room lights gets drastically different when you come out into broad daylight. So it is advisable to be a bit careful with the foundation.

A last Tip and the one that is my favorite is; Stay Happy, Stay Gorgeous.

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  1. deepti garg says:

    I neee to ask u so many things…plz help me..i m so much intrestd in this field..i want to enhance my skills regarding makeups..plz tell me hw to take start to do things?..

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