Bee Mine – Silhouettes 2012

Marinated in the sweet golden nectar, garnished with antique gold thread work, this collection of modern Indian ensembles exemplifies the theatrical of raj decadence.The intricate architecture of the honey comb structure is beautifully translated into detailed lazer cutwork which are further amplified with delicate creeper embellishments in dull gold thread.

Array of vintage silouettes, from elegant draped saris, kali-dar lehengas, lehenga gowns are grafted with gossamer tulle sepia shades of gold, brass, amber, rust and deep browns which are further colored block with rich velvets and silks in luscious jewel tones like emerald-green and royal blue. Each look exudes that high esteemed passion of golden India.

This line is the sweetest narration of love for everyone’s honey across the globe to make her feel like the queen bee of your universe.

Designed by:

  • Dhruvi K.
  • Riddhi N.
  • Surabhi M.
  • Niyati M.
  • Saloni K.
  • Rachita D.
  • Shradha S.


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