Cub Club – Silhouettes 2012


The iconic panther proudly projects the vigor, pace and sharpness of the youthful zest of our youngi-stan. Inspired by the graphic silhouette of the plunging cat, an intricate hounds tooth pattern in crafted, which runs through this sartorial line of smart casual wear.

The relaxed style – lines ranges from button down cardigan, asymmetrical jackets, patterned ombre tees, which are teamed with slouchy pants with innovative panel constructions. Futher underlined with buckets, belts and other sporty details.

All of the above crafted from exclusive eco-fabrics like linen, viscose cotton in re-freshing spring palette of salmon, biscuit beige, mint green along with mud brown and ink blue.

The look is designed for urban curbs, who roars through the street and hunt his prey with smart gait and killer looks

Designed by:

  • Ashley W.
  • Gyanesh S.
  • Karan D.
  • Neha K.
  • Ritika S.
  • Rishina M.
  • Romil V.
  • Shraddha M.


Courtesy: Mystique Promotions Pvt Ltd and Editors Delight


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