Nautical Nuances – Silhouettes 2012

Nautical Nuances

Clouds skating on the blue sky, sands kissing every strand of hair and hear the musical roaring waves. Inspired by such relaing nautical postcards, this collection would definitely transport us in trance of lounge luxury and make all experience the metaphor of comfy chic!

Channelize the latent preppy boy and get deck in semi-formal jackets in shades of blues and white and team it with classy khaki chinos over the rugby stripped sailor tee or a classy gingham check shirt. Ombre shading in jackets & pants along with intricate detailing like woven textures, contrast piping’s, american fold, tucks and pleats introduces a fresh edginess to this classy attire.

And the women pieces exude why boys should have the entire fun notion with its sharp tailored looks with short a la dukes short this collection is an ultimate answer for fun weekend dressing at work place. When boss doesn’t give you an off.

Designed By:

  • Amisha M.
  • Anushree C.
  • Girsh M.
  • Jimmy G.
  • Kashyap P.
  • Kritika D.
  • Rayeen S.
  • Sheetal J.
  • Viral P.

Courtesy: Mystique Promotions Pvt Ltd and Editors Delight


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