The Fashionistic Entrepreneur – Jasmeen G Dugal

” I have enjoyed every step of the way and do not see it as hurdles as I am very passionate about the work”

says Jasmeen Duggal to Editor’s Delight

A writer, a fashion enthusiast and now an entrepreneur, Jasmeen Dugal have been playing all these roles and a lot more flawlessly. She is the founder of the fashion hub, talking about her venture she says, “Since its launch, luxury style portal has been at the forefront of style — reporting trends from showings and ateliers, breaking news and covering the splashiest parties, championing new talent and boasting a line-up of savvy bloggers. The common thread through the website is STYLE in the realm of fashion | Jewellery | accessories | beauty | art | hospitality | travel | celebrities. We update the website with four-five fresh stories each day so do sign up for our e-newsletter and get the day’s top stories… delivered to YOUR INBOX. We have crossed 6.5 lac+ subscribers… and growing. What makes Explosive Fashion authority? Frequency, integrity, independence and spirited coverage…”

She has been associated with fashion since a long time. Before coming up with her own venture she was the online editor of Vogue India’s official website. Experience with such a global fashion organization would have been great for sure, explaining it in her words she says, “It was a strong learning curve for three years. Alex Kuruvilla (Managing Director of Condenast India) gave me the offer to join the publication as Net Editor—Condenast India and launch the Vogue India website in India in terms of design, layout, technology and daily content henceforth. I have also helped launch the GQ India website. I learnt a lot by just observing and interacting with Priya Tanna, Geeta Rao and Bandana Tewari at work whenever I was down at the Mumbai office.”

She is a learned in English (Hons.) and is now pursuing trend forecasting and fashion marketing to expand her horizon in the world of style and fashion.

There is always a plan in an entrepreneurs mind when he/she leaves a particular job and starts up a self owned venture, similar was with Jasmeen. She says, “I have worked in senior editorial positions with some of the best organizations including Times of India-Kolkata, Outlook Traveller, Vogue India and GQ India. With a wealth of experience in launching and maintaining luxury fashion websites I thought of taking the plunge and launching my own luxury fashion portal: Explosive Fashion. It was the ultimate challenge and I thrive on challenges! It brings out the best in me!”

Starting a self owned venture is not an easy task for sure, there are ups and downs in every game, but the story of Jasmeen has been different till now, “There were no hiccups as such since I have three successful fashion website launches to my credit and launched the website within a month. When I began I had my finger in all pies: editorial, marketing, branding, social media and even photography at times! I have enjoyed every step of the way and do not see it as hurdles as I am very passionate about the work.”

She has a self owned and self operated company with no employees on her payroll as of now; she is working with several efficient freelancer fashion writers and photographers across Mumbai and Delhi.

For the last winters her fashion statement was: “I love the coat-igans at Marks and Spencers, Burberry Trench and Chanel sunglasses!”

Her favorite brands are, “Marks and Spencers for its fit and great styles for day and Lecoanet Hemant, Malini Ramani and Rocky S for the night.”

She gives out a useful tip for the aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in their vision work very hard and never let others opinions (no matter how genuine) steer them from their path. Success WILL follow!

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2 thoughts on “The Fashionistic Entrepreneur – Jasmeen G Dugal

  1. Anila Bal says:

    Great to read, Jasmeen! I have of course followed your career path just naturally. All the best, and may the future bring you more kudos!

  2. ravi chhikara says:

    rarest among rare…………..wanna see you just to confirm that you kinda soul EXISTS ……..i doubt with the surity of being wrong……….

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