Perfect your mannerisms with Sangeeta S. Bahl

“Pretty is what you are, and beauty is what you do with it”

When Sangeeta S Bahl talks to Editor’s Delight

An anonymous saying that is impersonated to perfection by Sangeeta S. Bahl. She is the first certified Image Consultant in India, the founder of “Impact Image Consultants” and also the co-author of “Executive Etiquette Power- with the chapter “The Art of doing business in India”. She has travelled around the world as a part of the aviation industry and has enriching experiences to talk about.

“I am driven by inner passion, when I pick up something new, I fancy it till the time I have perfected it and then I move on to my next interest. The key is to follow your heart and dedicate yourself to it.”  She started her career with the aviation industry 20years back and moved to the Middle East and later recruited, supervised, trained and coached the cabin crew on board as well. She is very well- travelled and has worked with people from around 80 nationalities. While working with the Emirates she decided to add another feather to her cap and completed an Executive MBA from the University Of Bradford (UK).

In 2004 she earned her title as a Certified International Image Consultant, Certified Seminar Leader  and has been an Executive Coach and Mentor ever since in India. She has worked with various age groups and shared her experiences from a workshop with teenage children, “Yes, they are a diverse lot but then it is just an age and you have to know how to bring out the best in them. They go through tough times with peer pressure issues, bullying and stress related to studies. They are low on self-esteem and confidence. They need to be guided in the right direction and rest works out for itself. It feels great to bring out the buoyancy hidden in such young vibrant people.”

As an Image Consultant she has enriched the lives of her clients and has given them a new sense of profound self-appeal. She says that it is an immensely fulfilling feeling to have been able to help someone and make them feel better.

Sangeeta is also a Certified makeup artist from Kryolan and  Trained Color Consultant. She has been trained in the Universal Color System which works well for every possible skin tone. In the words of the expert herself, “Every face has a different set of method to be applied to it. And there are specified tools and combinations that can completely change the appearance of a person. I work in a decade to decade method. Every 10 years I re-evaluate the skin and color technique best suited to my clients.”

She wrote a chapter “The art of doing Business in India” in the book titled “Executive Etiquette Power” which was launched in the US in late 2009 . “A lot of people want to come to India and do business but they do not understand the way the process is carried out here. This chapter would help them do just that.” She laughs when she says, “I re-launched the book in March this year for my Social network friends since they too need to learn a thing or two about conducting themselves in public.” Sangeeta will continue her work as an author with her second book on Image Consultancy, which is due to launch near Diwali.

With so much work in her punnet, we couldn’t help but wonder what the daily routine of the diva was? “I am a highly organized person and compartmentalize my work. I set deadlines and time frames for myself and work hard to beat them. Not a compulsive party person anymore, hence, no regular late nights for me. I start my day as early as 5 a.m. and am done with most of my work by 11a.m. It is now a well formed habit and I intend to keep it that way.” On being asked about her responsibilities at home, as a wife and a mother, she said, “Change is evident in life and sometimes one has to succumb to other responsibilities apart from work. I am constantly juggling my work and home, but I am managing it pretty well.”

Sangeeta S. Bahl is an affluent public and keynote speaker and was recently appointed as the E Division Governor J, District 41, and the Toastmasters International for 2012-2013 where she would be handling Rajasthan and parts of Gurgaon region. She was happy to tell us that not everybody gets such an opportunity and that she has worked very hard to get to where she is today. Needless to say we couldn’t agree more.

On May 24th,’12 her own column was launched in YUVA a new Hindi paper for the youth by Hindustaan HT in Patna. It is a one of a kind Hindi newspaper which would be dedicated to issues and topics related to the youth, “My very first article will be on Mobile Etiquettes. I strongly believe that in order to penetrate the minds of the youth in the Patna region, I would have to speak to them in their language. Hence my approach would be to educate them with helpful experiences and easy to understand articles. My second write up will be on GDs (Group Discussions) given, in the light of the various college entrance processes.”

She has big plans for her entrepreneurial venture and wants to grow. To this she adds, “I am not in a profession for making money. I believe in good quality work and would not settle for anything less. The franchisee route is suited for me but I do not want to step into the act until I find the best in the industry for the job.”

So what does a prospective candidate need to possess in terms of qualification to be an Image consultant, we asked, “You just have to have a passion for helping people. A people friendly person who can deal with the client face-to-face would do wonders. Your confidence in yourself would impress the client a great deal. It’s a cut-throat market out there and you would have to exhibit exemplary people skills to rise above the rest.”

Sangeeta S. Bahl is an inspiring woman icon. She has carved a niche for herself in the hostile business scenarios in India and is going strong. No matter how testing the situation got, she held on to what she believed in and the result is for all of us to see. There is a lot more to be done and we are sure that we will keep hearing about her giant leaps in the near future.

Lastly, quoting her status update on Facebook,

“My advice to all who wish to be UNIQUE is ……..BE YOURSELF!!


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