The body of a woman speaks – Sunayana Malhotra

Art has changed from figures of god and women with matkas to more expression of feelings…

Sunayana Malhotra talks to Editor’s Delight

An artist should not only have a theme and colours and brush, but he should also have a strong belief on what he/she is painting out as it is the portrayal of the inner feelings and expressions. Sunayana Malhotra is a strong believer of feminism and womanhood. On asking the reason behind the portraying woman in her artworks, she says, “I find it the most natural thing to do; being a woman myself I believe that it is the best possible way in which I can express myself. I hold a lot of respect for women in all phases of life. There is a lot that a woman puts in her life and keeps on working for one thing or the other throughout her lifetime.”


She says that Art is no more about women holding matka in her hands or only about idols of God, it has become more expressive. She has a special collection of her work titled as ‘Her Body Speaks’ about which she describes in her own words saying, “In this collection of mine I have tried to explain how a woman’s body can speak a language of in itself. Every woman’s body tells her story in her own words, what all she has been through her life. In my work I have a lot of places where I speak of the female form, in my paintings I have a woman standing alone with a ball in her hands. A woman has a lot of roles to play in her life from a mother to a daughter, wife, working professional and a lot more. Like a juggler perfectly juggles a number of balls in his hands similarly a woman also perfectly juggles these roles in her lifetime. A woman is very innocent; she has to face the outside world by herself where her roles are constantly changing.”


Sunayana explains that every color has its own significance in a painting, “I use a lot of colors in my work, where using the color red comes out natural to me. I believe that a painting should not only give out a feeling of peace and calmness but should also portray the energy and vibrancy into the person viewing it. I am a very energetic person myself and so I love using this color. But yes, a balance should also be maintained in the calmness and vibrancy and so I also use a mixture of yellows, blues and a lot more colors to give out the look.”


Sunayana believes in the saying that, ‘the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ as she says that no painting can be described as perfect, it is just the expression of the painter’s feelings. A painting is a very personal feeling.


Describing the women that she paints in her paintings she says, “The contemporary woman, the present modern Indian women are the one I display in my art work, as she is playing so many roles in her life and is doing it flawlessly. I try to portray a modern woman with a traditional outlook; today’s women are a blend of both.” 


Sunayana enjoys modern contemporary art; she is very inspired by American artist as they paint for themselves, she says that when art is mixed along with commerce, it becomes a mess. But she also admires a number of Indian artists like Jatin Das, Amrita Shergill, Satish Gujral, Anjali Ela Menon and a lot more…


She suggests the budding artists to follow their heart and then get into art only if they are passionate about it. Otherwise, it is a lot of work if you want to do it professionally. It takes a long time to establish and be stable in this field, be committed and be dedicated to our work.


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