The Royal Recycler – Kate Middleton

Movie starts, fashion icons politicians and even royals are followed and policed around for what to and what not to wear. After every single red carpet event, the fashion police review the hits and misses of these celebrated icons. It’s a tough world out there in the celebrity land. One miss and you are a headline. Even if you wear the same belt or anklet…you will be spotted and you will be criticized.

This is where the beautiful Kate Middleton– The Duchess of Cambridge steps in and makes a difference. She has been known for repeating her clothes and accessories for various public events. Her famous L.K.Bennett nude pumps are a rage and she has been spotted wearing them a number of times. Also she recently recycled her Pale Pink Coat Dress by Emilia Wickstead at the Garden Party for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Her wardrobe consists of dresses that are affordable and aren’t always big labels. Everything she flaunts is a rage and is off the shelves instantly.

Often compared to Princess Diana for her fashion sense, she has carved out a different persona for herself. Knowingly or unknowingly, she has sent out a valuable message to her admirers about recycling clothes. Women often go through sleepless nights wondering what all they are going to wear next morning or whether anybody would notice them wearing the same shirt twice. Well Kate Middleton shuns all the aforesaid stuff and proclaims that even if people notice, it should not matter much. Wear what you are comfortable in and feel confident in. This would save a great deal of investment that women make every other week for new clothes for work.

Being austere is one thing, but being stylish and austere in approach is another. She is a royal and is constantly under the media scanner, who publish a microscopic image of, a seam that comes out of her coat. Imagine the pressure walking past the flickering camera flashes and finding cover story of yourself on the tabloids. Yet, she always comes out with flying colors and maintains her subtle self.

So go ahead and experiment with what you have in your closet. Wear the black office coat to your evening dinner with folded sleeves and a cute neck piece, or wear the same shirt differently, it will definitely work. If Kate can do it, so can you. 🙂

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