Color Blocking Simplified!

Summer time…. Wind in your hair, time to show off your fab body and your amazing collection of stylish wardrobe!! It is the best time of the year to wear bright colors and look fabulous. Be yourself and mix and match all that suits you well. Walk with confidence and poise…. The ones who do not understand…mmm….do not understand fashion..!! So buzz off….

Our very first stop is the Big Apple..!! New York City honey buds…!! This is one place where anybody can be somebody. A place, where, a huge number of Bollywood and Hollywood stars come in and pick up their very best… So why should we be left behind!!

Well, Color Blocking is the in trend in New York and also LA these days. Bright colors mixed and matched to the best with the help of the color wheel will help you create an impact. So here goes:-

Here we have our color wheel.  There are some basic guidelines that need to be taken care of when you start using it and once you get it, you are good to go.

First things first, we need to understand the color wheel. So there are 3 color groups that we will incorporate here as:

  • Complimentary colors: Colors that are exactly opposite to each other on the wheel are called Complimentary colors or we can call them contrast colors. For example: Red –Green, Yellow-Violet or Orange- Blue. So if you have any of these colors in your wardrobe then all you have to do is match them and you will look super..!!
  • Analogous Colors: These are three consecutive colors on the color wheel, or are colors from the same color family. Like:  Red-Red Orange- Orange or Blue Green-Green- Yellow Green etc. The best thing about these colors is that that they flow into each other and give a very soft appeal to your outfit.
  • Color Triads: Now this is a little tricky, you can either pick up colors that are evenly spaced from each other on the wheel to form a triad or make an equilateral triangle ( a triangle with equal angles and equal length arms) where, each point of the triangle lies on a color and Voila…!! You have your color triads. For example: Red-Yellow- Blue, Orange-Violet- Green etc.

You can couple up some neutral shades accessories in beige, brown, white etc. so that you don’t look like a clown with a raid of colors from top to bottom… If you plan to use 3 colors then you must pick one color as your base and play with the other two colors here and there a little bit. Too many colors on a dress make the outfit look over the top. The purpose of the color wheel is to enhance every color evenly.

But who said, bright colors are for women only!! No way sweeties; our young men cannot be left behind here. The rules apply in the same way for them as well. I know you hunks out there believe in wearing neutral and dark colors, as if it is some kind of a “Guy code”. But trust me, there is no such thing. If you want to catch a lovely lady’s eye this summer, then attract her with hues and glamour.

So now you know that it isn’t any rocket science. The secret is out for you to explore and try out. Wear all that, what makes you feel comfortable and confident in. What you feel and think is more important than what the ones around you think about you. Go out there and play with your creativity. There will be some hits and misses, but you will definitely learn it. 

One quick tip before I sign off: Download the picture of the color wheel on your Smartphones, so that every time you need a quick access to color schemes and harmonies, then all you have to do is be cool and  smartly bring out your gadget and act like a pro…!!

Until next time…. Be fashionable and be cool…!! Peace !!


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