Impact of simple yet fashionable Kaftan Dresses on the fashion world!

One can see the emergence of Kaftans in the international fashion scene, and it has been like this since the time of the Ottoman Empire. From Russians to Moroccans, the kaftan has been a mainstay in the fashionable clothing and now it is widening its boundaries of the international platform. This attire is bringing a beautiful Pakistani touch into the world of apparels with loosely hung Kurtis having flowing ends. The most interesting thing about the Kaftans is that it’s a versatile attire, which can be worn by women of all the age groups, and it works for various occasions as well. Moreover, we’re also seeing the influence of Kaftan in the western fashion through Kaftan dresses, Kaftan tops and beach Kaftans.

Talking about the Kaftan dresses, they’re one of the simplest yet elegant attires out there. The kaftan is a dress that curtains down your body and gives you a stylish look. It is such a simple dress that originally the men used to wear it, however, even with this simplicity they are classy as well as fashionable attires.

The dress usually consists of a free flowing fabric that resembles a drape covering the woman’s body. This draping effect makes the whole attire feel cool and breezy. It is a dress you can comfortably wear at home and still look stylish. However, if you make a few adjustments to the Kaftans then you can easily wear them for the formal functions. Besides, if you want a high-end classy look then you can combine your kaftan with expensive satiny materials. With this combination you are bound to have all the eyes fixed on you, it’ll get you all the attention as well as the compliments; try it and see your confidence soar high. Some say that it is the charm of this dress that makes the wearer feels confident and its comfort is unmatched by all the other attires. You won’t feel this comfortable in any other dress after wearing a Kaftan.

You just need the different kinds of prints, colors and the fabric material create your own variations in the Kaftan dresses. You can make it trendier as well as stylize it according to current fashion by altering its length or adjusting the fits of the dress. Besides, if you blend it with other accessories as well as clothing material then you’ll get a dress that’ll be classier than anything you might have ever seen. It will take the fashion to a completely new level.

Kaftan dresses have also found their place in the beachwear. It will still be comfortable and breezy but will make you look very attractive. Therefore, Kaftan should be your first preference while looking for something comfortable as well as equally stylish to wear. It is a unique blend of simplicity as well as elegant and fashionable characteristics.

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Google joins the London Olympics festivity with a well-crafted doodle


Just a few hours left for the big Olympic party to begin in London, and Google too has joined the festivity with the launch of new Google doodle for London Olympics 2012.

The doodle shows a track featuring five athletes who are holding the google logo, and along with the logo, there are different disciplines depicted on the logo. These disciplines on the doodle are football, swimming, running/jumping, javelin throw, basketball and fencing.

The world biggest sporting event will be official open along with a grand opening ceremony that will help in London at 9:00 PM GMT.

The games will start when the Great Britain’s Olympic hero Sir Steve Redgrave will light up the cauldron at the Olympics stadium. The ceremony is titled as the “Isles of Wonder” will start at the ring of the Whitechapel Foundry, it is the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe.

This time more than 10,500 athletes are taking part in the Olympics games from 204 countries, there are a total of 302-event spread over 26 sports. The 142-member strong Indian contingent featuring 81 athletes and 36 coaches will be competing for the medals in the 13 of these disciplines.

This will be the 30th modern Olympics games since their inception in 1896. London has become the first city to host these games thrice, as the capital of England previously saw the Olympic Games held in 1908 and 1948. These games are going to continue till 12th August, 2012. 

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Komal Mehta – A Dancer, Wedding Choreographer, Anchor, Entrepreneur & an Actor

ED: How would you define ‘Komal Mehta’: A Dancer, Wedding Choreographer, Anchor, Entrepreneur, or an Actor?

Komal: At the stage where I am now: I don’t want to define myself as just A Dancer’ – it confines my identity. Thus, I call myself an ‘Artist’  – to be more Wholistic.

I’ve been on stage since childhood, doing dance and theatre. I am trained in both classical dance as well as music, and I’ve also achieved my Master’s Degree from USA. After finishing my MBA, I started my dance workshop USA; besides, I also performed and choreographed shows there. Later after taking a sabbatical, I came to Mumbai to start my own Dance studio. I didn’t a little bit theatre in English as well as Regional languages with Alyque Padamse, Gary Richardson etc. In addition, I also choreographed and organized a few wedding/sangeet shows.

Art has just grown inside me, it matured from dance to photography to acting and now I have been anchoring stage as well as TV show in both US and India. These are the roles, which form an integral part of my life without hierarchy, and this collectively defines me as, ‘Komal Mehta’.

 ED: What is the USP of Komal Mehta’s Dance Classes and Workshops?

Komal: At the Komal Mehta’s Dance Studio, we teach Contemporary Folk and semi-classical dance on peppy bollywood numbers. We have also incorporated the Yoga stretches and unique meditation techniques to distress.

Each session of duration, 1-hr 20-mins, starts with a meditation exercise, which helps warding off the anxiety and help you concentrate. It is then followed by the Yoga stretches to do away with the stiffness as well as warming up the student’s mind and body for hour-long dance training. After the dance, we incorporate few unique meditation techniques, which help a student’s mind and body to unwind and relax. Therefore, my idea is to not only teaching about the classical or contemporary dances, but a ‘Wholistic Approach’ to make them experience a positive difference while they become complete through dancing. I teach dance on the peppy bollywood number, because I don’t want my students to learn dance as an exercise, but want them to enjoy it completely. I make it a point to ensure that every student gets a chance to be on the stage at least once, every three months. This is because I feel that dance is not something that confines you to four walls in a studio, but it’s how you enjoy yourself while performing it and how you communicate with others while enjoying it. ‘It’s about finding and enjoying one’s personal space in universe through dancing.’ This in turn helps my students build confidence as a dancer and as an individual. Therefore, I stage my dance shows frequently.

Therefore, if you spend even a single week in my class, then it would immensely help your mind as well as body, and have a greater effect than spending a week gymming. Each of my class’ sessions help students to connect with their ‘True Authentic Self’ via dance, and then connect positively with the world. This attitude then helps them give their 100% in life without pushing themselves too much.

Therefore, Komal Mehta’s dance class is a ‘Wholistic Approach’ for confidence and personality development through dance. And that’s the USP of Komal Mehta’s Dance Studio.

ED: When did you discover your passion for dance?

Komal: I have been learning classical dancing, Bharatnatyam, since I was 5 years old. The stage has been a comfortable platform for me since earlier years. My first stage performance was at the age of three, I was playing the lead in a kids’ professional musical play (Nritya Natika) at Bhavans Theatre. I am grateful to my dance guru Mrs Jayshree Rajgopala for making the dance as an integral part of my existence. 

ED: Your forte is Contemporary Folk and Semi Classical, which are considered very tough, and require perfection. Why did you choose these dance forms over the others?

Komal: From my earlier years, the focus was on Indian Classical and specifically Bharatnatyam. Moreover, during my stay in USA, I was introduced to the Western and other international dance forms. The more I learned and understood the other dance forms, the more I appreciated our Indian heritage and culture. Once I returned from USA, I slowly shifted and completely focused on my passion for dance.

I also believed that to grow in any field you must live and adapt according to the present time; but at the same time always remember your roots. Hence, to make it more contemporary for the current generation, I incorporated bollywood moves into our traditional folk and classic dance forms. This ways they can fully enjoy themselves while dancing, connect with their inner self while falling in love with themselves and their own bodies during these sessions.

This is one of the main reasons I incorporated the peppy songs into my dance sessions. Therefore, my students don’t do it like a chore, but like something they enjoy doing. Mine is a ‘Wholistic Approach’ towards the mental peace and rejuvenation of my students. I work for their individual personality development, growth and happiness. 

ED: What and how is ‘Komal Mehta’ as a BRAND, looking to grow further? Do you also aspire to work for Bollywood Movies?

Komal: Being a dancer, studio owner, wedding choreographer and an anchor, I always look into staging Indian culture and bollywood internationally. I have organized shows in few cities across USA and now I’m keen to explore further in Mumbai, US, Canada etc.

I aspire to achieve an international platform for my dance workshops, wedding choreography and anchoring.

The reality and day-to-day experience in the life inspire me. So, more the exposure for me the more will be my personal growth. This in turn, this exposure transforms into the ideas in my brain, which helps me in my innovative approach during the dance workshops, choreography and anchoring skills. I am keen to avail the uniqueness and benefits of my dance workshops to as many people as I can, nationally as well as internationally.

Yes, in the meantime if I get a chance to choreograph in bollywood, that’ll be the cherry on the cake. One needs to have passion in them, to keep them going and growing in life.

Therefore, for me, ‘Stage’ is my ‘World’ and I’m trying to make ‘World’ as my ‘Stage’. It’s about finding and enjoying one’s personal space in the universe. 

ED: How is Komal as an individual, and how does she relax when she’s not dancing?

Komal: As an individual, I believe living in the present and take each day as it comes, with a positive attitude. One needs to enjoy every day, and try living to the fullest. They must also keep their goal in life in mind will taking care of their personal wellbeing.

 For me dance is a way to live life, it has become an integral part of my existence. I love dancing, choreography and anchoring. Therefore, that’s what I do and enjoy doing the most in my life. It helps me connect with the inner ‘Me’ and in turn connect positively with this world as well as help me being positive in life.

Therefore, dance is not my work or my job; it’s a way of relaxation for me. 


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Cocktail’s designer apparel has impressed youngsters as well as fashion world!

From the word go, Cocktail impresses you with the designer clothing of the lead actors. The designer Shroff Adajania has done a commendable job of introducing the bright colors and chic designs into the wardrobes of these actors. This not only made them grab many eyeballs but also helped the movie take fashion a step forward. The verdict on the movie is still not out, but in fashion terms, the movie is already this year’s one of the biggest game changers.

In fact, the director Homi Adajania has praised his wife Shroff Adajania saying that these fashionable apparels helped accentuating the personalities of the characters in the movie. The youthful quotient of the designs too helped them garner lots of praise.

Deepika Padukone who played the role of Veronica in the movie has gained most of the praises for her designer clothing. Veronica stays in London and is a rich brat. She is shown as a fashion loving diva who loves to flaunt her svelte figure. This is why her wardrobe includes luxury designer labels mixed with the high street fashion clothing.

Another of the main characters in the movie is Meera. She has shifted from Delhi to London. She arrives in the traditional Indian clothes but later transforms her style from Indian to Western. However, even with this change, she is someone who’s shy about flaunting her skin. Therefore, her wardrobe, even though western, consists of clothes, which are a bit conservative.

Saif Ali Khan, is playing the lead role in the movie as Gautam Kapoor. He’s a software engineer who has shifted to London. He’s shown in stylish formal attires as well as cool causal clothing. The clothes sported by the Saif are going to be a big hit amongst the youngsters as well as a male audience of around 25-30 years.

The superior fashion sense displayed by the movie is one of the main reasons that online retail brand, Myntra, has announced a tie up with the movie. And when asked, Myntra’s cofounder Ashutosh Lavania said that they’ve established themselves as a leader in fashion as well as lifestyle category. Since, Bollywood is one of the main sources of inspiration for today’s youngsters, a fashionable movie like Cocktail is obviously going to create ripples in the fashion lines for youngsters. Therefore, youthful look of the movie fits well with the fashion quotient of their company. Myntra closely reflects the cheerful and fashionable moods of the movie, Cocktail.


Fashionable clothesline from designers and brands to get us ready for an uber-stylish Olympic Games 2012

It was 2007, when 2012 London Olympics’ official logo launched. Some liked it, the other hated it and then there were some beyond the like and hate business, who were imagining their designs around the official logo.

It is 2012 and just a few weeks more for the London Olympics, also the time when those designs are hitting the shelves and making their owners proud of their style statements. London Olympics’ merchandising is hitting the peak point as you can easily spot the sweatshirts, shirts and other branded sportswear been designed around the official logo theme.

Recently, the celebrated high-street fashion chain brand, Next, has been looking over the breastwork with their new range of formal clothing launched to celebrate the London Olympics. British Olympians will be wearing these stylish attires for their ceremonies, while the outsiders can get their hands on these formal dressings for men and women from Next Store at £220. 

On the other hand, US Olympic team will be wearing the designer uniforms from the Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren, which is known as the epitome of coolness in the fashion world, is going to launch a uniform line for the 800-member US Olympic and Paralympic team. The range also includes jackets, glasses, luggage, shoes, hats, belts and beach towels, and it is available in their stores from May 15.

Whereas, talking about the kit designs, Stella McCartney has recently unveiled her designs for the British Olympic team. Her designs feature the shades of blue, mingling along with the accents of red and thus forming the Union Jack flag. The design shows the contemporary take she has taken of the flag and thus producing a kit that is going to be one of the most fashionable in the coming Olympics.

Going with the flow, even the McDonalds has also come up with a change in their uniforms. Their new uniforms featuring Mustard colored Skinny Ties and belts for managers while the customer service agents will be sporting the lettuce-green pants. Staff members will be getting a style uplift with the mustard yellow shirts and pickle green shirts from Polo.

Here are the few fashionable clotheslines launched keeping London Olympics 2012 in mind. Looking at these clotheslines, one thing is sure, that the fashion will also be creating ripples during the Olympic Games. Even though you will not get any medals for looking the most fashionable, but are those second looks and praises any less than the medals?