Fashionable clothesline from designers and brands to get us ready for an uber-stylish Olympic Games 2012

It was 2007, when 2012 London Olympics’ official logo launched. Some liked it, the other hated it and then there were some beyond the like and hate business, who were imagining their designs around the official logo.

It is 2012 and just a few weeks more for the London Olympics, also the time when those designs are hitting the shelves and making their owners proud of their style statements. London Olympics’ merchandising is hitting the peak point as you can easily spot the sweatshirts, shirts and other branded sportswear been designed around the official logo theme.

Recently, the celebrated high-street fashion chain brand, Next, has been looking over the breastwork with their new range of formal clothing launched to celebrate the London Olympics. British Olympians will be wearing these stylish attires for their ceremonies, while the outsiders can get their hands on these formal dressings for men and women from Next Store at £220. 

On the other hand, US Olympic team will be wearing the designer uniforms from the Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren, which is known as the epitome of coolness in the fashion world, is going to launch a uniform line for the 800-member US Olympic and Paralympic team. The range also includes jackets, glasses, luggage, shoes, hats, belts and beach towels, and it is available in their stores from May 15.

Whereas, talking about the kit designs, Stella McCartney has recently unveiled her designs for the British Olympic team. Her designs feature the shades of blue, mingling along with the accents of red and thus forming the Union Jack flag. The design shows the contemporary take she has taken of the flag and thus producing a kit that is going to be one of the most fashionable in the coming Olympics.

Going with the flow, even the McDonalds has also come up with a change in their uniforms. Their new uniforms featuring Mustard colored Skinny Ties and belts for managers while the customer service agents will be sporting the lettuce-green pants. Staff members will be getting a style uplift with the mustard yellow shirts and pickle green shirts from Polo.

Here are the few fashionable clotheslines launched keeping London Olympics 2012 in mind. Looking at these clotheslines, one thing is sure, that the fashion will also be creating ripples during the Olympic Games. Even though you will not get any medals for looking the most fashionable, but are those second looks and praises any less than the medals?



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