Cocktail’s designer apparel has impressed youngsters as well as fashion world!

From the word go, Cocktail impresses you with the designer clothing of the lead actors. The designer Shroff Adajania has done a commendable job of introducing the bright colors and chic designs into the wardrobes of these actors. This not only made them grab many eyeballs but also helped the movie take fashion a step forward. The verdict on the movie is still not out, but in fashion terms, the movie is already this year’s one of the biggest game changers.

In fact, the director Homi Adajania has praised his wife Shroff Adajania saying that these fashionable apparels helped accentuating the personalities of the characters in the movie. The youthful quotient of the designs too helped them garner lots of praise.

Deepika Padukone who played the role of Veronica in the movie has gained most of the praises for her designer clothing. Veronica stays in London and is a rich brat. She is shown as a fashion loving diva who loves to flaunt her svelte figure. This is why her wardrobe includes luxury designer labels mixed with the high street fashion clothing.

Another of the main characters in the movie is Meera. She has shifted from Delhi to London. She arrives in the traditional Indian clothes but later transforms her style from Indian to Western. However, even with this change, she is someone who’s shy about flaunting her skin. Therefore, her wardrobe, even though western, consists of clothes, which are a bit conservative.

Saif Ali Khan, is playing the lead role in the movie as Gautam Kapoor. He’s a software engineer who has shifted to London. He’s shown in stylish formal attires as well as cool causal clothing. The clothes sported by the Saif are going to be a big hit amongst the youngsters as well as a male audience of around 25-30 years.

The superior fashion sense displayed by the movie is one of the main reasons that online retail brand, Myntra, has announced a tie up with the movie. And when asked, Myntra’s cofounder Ashutosh Lavania said that they’ve established themselves as a leader in fashion as well as lifestyle category. Since, Bollywood is one of the main sources of inspiration for today’s youngsters, a fashionable movie like Cocktail is obviously going to create ripples in the fashion lines for youngsters. Therefore, youthful look of the movie fits well with the fashion quotient of their company. Myntra closely reflects the cheerful and fashionable moods of the movie, Cocktail.



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