Google joins the London Olympics festivity with a well-crafted doodle


Just a few hours left for the big Olympic party to begin in London, and Google too has joined the festivity with the launch of new Google doodle for London Olympics 2012.

The doodle shows a track featuring five athletes who are holding the google logo, and along with the logo, there are different disciplines depicted on the logo. These disciplines on the doodle are football, swimming, running/jumping, javelin throw, basketball and fencing.

The world biggest sporting event will be official open along with a grand opening ceremony that will help in London at 9:00 PM GMT.

The games will start when the Great Britain’s Olympic hero Sir Steve Redgrave will light up the cauldron at the Olympics stadium. The ceremony is titled as the “Isles of Wonder” will start at the ring of the Whitechapel Foundry, it is the largest harmonically tuned bell in Europe.

This time more than 10,500 athletes are taking part in the Olympics games from 204 countries, there are a total of 302-event spread over 26 sports. The 142-member strong Indian contingent featuring 81 athletes and 36 coaches will be competing for the medals in the 13 of these disciplines.

This will be the 30th modern Olympics games since their inception in 1896. London has become the first city to host these games thrice, as the capital of England previously saw the Olympic Games held in 1908 and 1948. These games are going to continue till 12th August, 2012. 

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