Giorgio Armani: I have sacrificed my life for the fashion career

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani (Photo credit: SimonQ錫濛譙)

Giorgio Armani has built his reputation all around the world as one of the greatest living designers, and this can be seen by his brand that is sold by its name only. At an estimate, his wealth is about 7.2 billion dollars and every season, the tickets for his catwalk shows are the most sought after by the editors all over the world. However, in a recent interview, it turned out that this extraordinary success and the money doesn’t delight this magnificent designer.

The 78 years old said, “I have sacrificed my life. I have sacrificed the life of a young man when I started out and the life of the grown up man, as I am now.” According to the recent interview he gave to Elle magazine, he has been quoted saying that he had faced difficulty in finding the long lasting friendships and the personal happiness.  He further said, “Now, it has become even harder. What is our life, if not finding the new friends, discovering the unique personalities, falling in love, not once or twice but multiple times. If I put it in one phrase, then life is to live in this world. I don’t know anything about Milan, it’s the people here who tell me about Milan.” Giorgio Armani has been living in Milan since 1957.

Just like Victoria Beckham once said that she sacrificed her smile for the sake of her fashion career, Giorgio Armani sacrificed something much more substantial, his life, for the fashion career.

He came across as a reluctant icon who gave his luck all the credit of his success and the status. Besides, he said that his career was a result of the financial need instead of the creative destiny. Even while talking about the fellow Italian designers and the trend setters like Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Dolce & Gabana, he appeared a bit dispirited. He said, “These designers carry no reserve, they’ve just chosen a path and have thrown themselves into it with their head first. Regardless of everything, whether or not their designs are saleable or vulgar, it doesn’t matter because people will talk about it as long as it is in the trend. This is one of the biggest truths.”

Giorgio Armani said that his approach towards fashion is completely different; moreover, his refusal to use the famous supermodels during his catwalks is what sets him apart from the other designers of his forte. He continued saying, “During a particular fashion show, I want the clothes to do the talking and not the status of my models. People should respect the effort I have put in my work. Hence, more than the catwalks, personality and the capacity to interpret a dress are most necessary, since more than the body, a brain is important.

It has been rather a shock to hear Giorgio Armani being less than happy about the life during his interview, instead of coming across as the larger than life extrovert designers. However, the pleasing aspect about his interview was that he didn’t choose to continue with a stale stereotype.

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