Puma Strawberry Purple & Yellow slippers


Stylize yourself with these wonderful slippers

If you want something to suit your college look or go with your casual attire then go for these Strawberry Purple & Yellow slippers with Puma.

They’re loaded with the EVA and Rubber material which will keep your feet comfortable, plus make the slippers look stylish. However, the use of rubber also ensures that these slippers are not a great choice for the rainy season.

These slippers come in a purple and yellow color combination that gives you a chic and fashionable look, while making you stand out. However, the presence of yellow also means that this style might not go well with some of the customer’s choices.

The slippers also have a large strap for a close fitting as well as it’s a lightweight slip on, so you can easily go on long walks wearing it. However, there’s a concern if the slippers will hold out for long with the material used in the strap. In addition, there isn’t a wide range of foot sizes as this slipper is available only in the size of 4,5,6,7

So, if you’re not perturbed by yellow color and have a foot size between 4-7 then grab these stylish slippers that will go with your casual look.


Buy Now: http://www.snapdeal.com/product/puma-strawberry-flip-ind-purple/145036



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