Product Review: Limited version trendy HP v228g Pen Drive


HP v228g Pen Drive is one trendy gadget. An attractive pendrive, which will look smart for you, is a part of limited editions for the Lunar Dragon year.

The pen drive is 24k gold plated and will provide you fast data transfer, and works with a USB 2.0 support. However, with the USB 3.0 gadget in the market, go for it only if your device doesn’t support 3.0.

The Pen drive is made up of a tough material and therefore, is shockproof. Moreover, this impressive pen drive is also waterproof, comes with a two-year warranty, durable, stylish design, light weight and works with windows 2000 or above. The pen drive writes at a maximum speed of 8 MB/s, and reads at 18 MB/s.

This 16 GB pen drive will fit well in your pocket, and go along with your style. Just be careful with it, as it’s quite easy to misplace going by its tiny dimensions.

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