August Travels: Five hot holiday destinations of this month


It’s August, one of the most pleasant months in India, in terms of not only weather but also the crowd rush is low at the scenic locations of India. Therefore, we’ve compiled the five best holiday destinations, which are perfect for you during this month. These five destinations will not only take you closer to the nature, but will also help you wind down and leave behind the tiresome life for some fun.

So pack your bags, as we’re sending you to five different heavens on earth:

1.      Leh

This beautiful hill station in the region of Ladakh is nestled in the Indus Valley, some 10kms away from the river. The dusty mountain ranges that cradles this hill station in its arms, form a picturesque view.

Leh gets its distinctive appeal from the dusty narrow winding by-lanes and Main Street going by the dusty mountainsides, as the whole town takes you back in time. There’s an old palace perched on the hilltop guarding the roof houses as well as the main market or bazaar of Leh.

 The town is 3,500 mts. above the sea level and even though you might take some time to be acclimatized to the climate and height, you will still find various ways to have fun. The place is full of scenic beauty and you can just jostle around on the main street during this season, as you’ll find the locals selling tea, gorgeous woolen attires and semi-precious stones.

 It is the perfect way to bask in the glory of the Himalayan nature.

 2.      Coorg

Coorg is one of the most beautiful hill stations of the South India. It lies in Karnataka’s Western Ghats region. Shinning like an emerald, it is rich in flora and fauna. The hill station is completely different from the rest of the state, not only geographically but also culturally.

The hill station isn’t about natural beauty and historical attractions, but it is also the place with most number of Golf Courses in India.

The life at Coorg is laid back, good food and liquor charms the people here. Therefore, if possible do attend a wedding at Coorg. Watch the people lose themselves in all the fun, dancing and singing. The whole aura of the place goes along with the spirit of holidaying.

A perfect destination for your honeymoon plans.

 3.      Kovalam

Kovalam is also known as the ‘Paradise of South India’. The place boasts of its scenic locations and the wonderful beaches.

Kovalam has three beaches, with Lighthouse Beach and Hawa Beach are being more popular. This scenic location was once a hippie paradise, now it is full of excellent resorts. Situated in the god’s own country, Kerala, it features a lovely shoreline and the shiny beaches are full of coconut trees.

Sun, sand, sea, scenery and some fun, these are the five points that makes this place one of the most suitable locations in this weather, and then the Ayurvedic salons of Kovalam are nothing short of cherry on top of a delicious cake.

 4.      Valley Of Flowers

This majestic place is an 8km long glacial corridor in Chamoli, Garhwal. Situated in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, this region is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks and seems like a carpet of flower, with over 500 species of flowers including beautiful brahmakamal, cobra lily, Himalayan Edelweiss and the Blue Poppy embellishing this National Park region. The valley is spread over 87.5 sq. km and has been a famous tourist destination amongst the nature lovers and trekkers.

The region opens for the tourist from July-October, as it remained covered with snow for the rest of the year.

The trek through the Valley of Flowers is for not only the nature lovers, but the place also boasts of a rich wildlife full of musk deer, Tahr, common langur, bharan etc. as well as the innumerous species of gorgeous butterflies, which patrol this area. According to the folklore, the Fairies inhabit the valley of flowers, plus even Hindu mythology spoke about this place as ‘Nandankanan’ that was created when the Gods showered flowers down the earth.

The valley area is open during the daytime, while you can find various lodges nearby to spend your night.

 5.      Dandeli

If you’re looking for some adventure then the Dandeli wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, is the perfect destination for you. Spread over the area of 834.16 sq Kms, the wildlife sanctuary is a perfect holidaying spot for wildlife and adventure sports lovers. It is a home to animals like Black Panther, elephants, tigers, leopards, bears etc. and the Kali River passes through this wildlife sanctuary.

The wildlife sanctuary is famous for the presence of Hornbills, which is one of the endangered bird species and is very rare across the rest of the nation. If you’re lucky then the Kali river is also a spot for crocodile sighting, plus it is also a home to various species of fishes.

Kali River is known for its fast flowing currents and high rapids; therefore, a trip to this wildlife sanctuary is never complete without trying your hands at white water rafting.

Plan a trip to Dandeli for some thrilling experience.

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