Check out the invigorating Amber Queen perfume from A Dozen Roses


One of the famous names in the perfume line, A Dozen Roses, has come out with a new fragrance named Amber Queen.

This fragrance charms you with apricot, Clementine, a hint of ginger and the glowing warmth of amber wrapped in a luxurious feel. The fragrance’s spell is further enhanced by the presence of Bengal Rose accord and a Dozen Roses’ signature Rose absolute. Together they bind your senses and invigorate your appeal.

However, the fragrance might not go well with the people allergic to natural flowery fragrances. You must first consult your doctor before going forward with this product, as perfumes tend to cause nausea and headaches in some cases. Moreover, you should also take care of skin allergies before picking it off the shelf. However, after taking care of these conditions, you can let this smooth and sensual perfume enchant the people around you.

You can get this wonderful fragrance from the Neiman Marcus, in a 100 ml pack costing $110.

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