Movie Review: Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi


The Parsis of Bollywood are back with yet another “Nice but nothing spectacular” movie.

All I want to say is that there is no ultra-glamorous, stylish heroine or a superstar hero. Moreover, there are only one or two songs, which will stick with you for some time. However, there’s nothing you can talk about for days to come.

The movie revolves around the characters of Shirin and Farhad, two not-very-young kind of people who fall in love and try to tackle the situation with a smile, humor and yes a little bit of discord. The movie has its moments and is surely going to put a smile across your face, but hey, don’t expect a lot or you’ll be left disappointed. However, I particularly liked few scenes, including the ending when Farhad professes his love for Shirin in front of others. It was a scene that stirred up my emotional side.

The movie reminds you of the yesteryears when the movies were more about the common people, instead of the ones sitting at the perch of stardom. Even though this movie is not as great as Khatta Meeta or Baaton Baaton mein, it’ll still be successful enough to tickle your senses. The story is devoid of any kind of action, sex or over the top drama. It is just those special moments of life, presented in a fresh way.

In the acting department, you’ll be seeing the evergreen performer Boman Irani, who did his part really well. However, the surprise package is Farah Khan, yes she can act and act well.

The story of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, starts with Farhad Pastakia, played by Boman Irani. He is a 45-year old salesman in a ladies undergarment store and stays with his mother as well as a grandmother. They’re always trying to get him married, but turns out that his profession isn’t something that goes down well with the prospects until Shirin Fugawala, Farah Khan, enters his life. Shirin plays an outspoken, confident woman who gets into trouble with Farhad’s mother over water tank demolition, while on the other hand she and Farhad gets on with their love story. It’s the perfect Parsee community setting around them, while they try to create their happily ever after along with the arguments and battles.

The movie is a one-time watch, and comes with a fresh outlook towards the love stories. 



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