Stay stylish with Timex E701 Analog Watch



When you talk about the designer accessories, the watches are the first things that come into your mind. Unlike men’s watches, women’s watches are highly fashionable accessories. Something that is again proven right by Timex E701 analog watch.

This Gold colored stainless steel watch comes with a contemporary dial, which is 8mm thick, and the dial is in the shape of a teardrop. The watch is perfect for the party or weekend wearing. It has a metal strap, which resembles a bangle and is fitted with a spring. Because of this, the watch will fit easily according to your wrist size. The studded jewels further enhance the watch’s look, and it is water resistant up to 30m. The watch is ideal for a pool party and humid weather as well.

However, you can’t go swimming with the watch on. Moreover, you’ve to take care of the watch’s metal strap, as with neglected usage the watch’s gold color might start wearing off.

Therefore, with the special care, this watch will be perfect to uphold your style sense. It’ll make you look glamorous and it’s the perfect accessory to adorn if you want to stand out.




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