Milan Fashion Week showed why summer will be much awaited this time around

Dolce & Gabana have showcased the most innovative and fun look of the season with their wicker bustiers during the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week as the Giorgio Armani too mesmerized the audience with his series of stellar creations. The much-awaited Armani collection ranged from sleek suits that were designed in the subtle tones that is a trademark of the brand, plus their glittering evening wear collection was also on show.


The Spring/Summer 2013 collection was unveiled during the latest instalment of the Milan Fashion week, which hosted a large number of celebrity guests, including Serena Williams and the show was followed by an exhibition of the best of its clothes, accessories and the jewelry.

The trouser suits in the gossamer silk were dominating the first half of the show when the shorts done in greys, blue-greys, and the soft turquoises broke their dominance. These were worn with a silver of a hat, perched sideways on the head.

Whereas the sharply tailored suits along with the masculine shoes created a powerful and the sensuous look as the flowing trousers with layered fabric showed the Armani’s retake on a skirt over trouser trend.

The highlight of the week was the eveningwear by the Giorgio Armani that earned him the standing applause from the audience. His glittering evening dresses were showcased one after the other featuring the floaty creations with the stellar designs. The high point of this collection was light shimmering on the silk or bouncing off the crystal embellishments as well as the rhinestone studded heels. All this created a multifaceted effect like a Kaleidoscope.

While Armani’s collection mesmerized the crowd, Dolce & Gabana weren’t far behind in wowing the audience through their fresh and innovative Sicilian inspired collection that starred intricate wicker Bustiers and baroque-sculpted shoes with colorful beach prints. The colorful dress prints by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were inspired from the famous puppets of Sicilian street theatre.

Milan Fashion week showed the reasons why summer should be fun with the many different designers showcasing their wonderful designs. Moreover, the designers of the Milan Fashion Week weren’t dictating a hemline and thus giving women a free reign. They were interested in the upper silhouette, which stayed loose and featured the embellishments like pleats, flounces as well as a rich embroidery. Variety was also a talking point in the trouser department where gauchos and pedal pushers, Palazzo pajamas, cigarette pants and even the occasional hot pants ruled the show.

Amongst the shoes, the big trend was the high-heeled sandals strapped at the ankle. While the hair stylists had to bear the bad news as the preferred look was long and unfussy plus featured a lot of hats as well as the head bands plus the head scarves.

During the event, Asia was also an inspiration for many of the designers. It was seen in their stylistic tributes and they also nodded to the importance of a new market for the luxury labels. We saw the Prada deconstructing the Kimono, Aquilano Rimondi incorporating the obi slashes while the Pucci embroidered tigers and dragons on the silk chiffon.

There was also a geometrical theme this season, as seen in the Fendi’s collection that featured a coat and a skirt in horizontal and slanting stripes, as the latter of the two was worn with a jacket sporting tiny red and black square.

The Milan Fashion Week was a hub to all the attention and big names from the fashion world as the focus now move on to the Paris Fashion Week.

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