A low-key start to the Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week as always is turning out to be a race against time as its hosting 95 different catwalks during the eight-day event in the opposite ends of the city. The Spring-Summer 2013 season got going on the iconic giant clock at the Paris’ Grand Gare de I’Est train station. The setting for the event was surely grand; however, the event itself was low key as it had been showcasing the emerging talent.

The young designer Rick Owens, who’s an alumnus of Alice Lemoine finally emerged from the shadows of his mentor to put forward a highly accomplished show with rich spring colors. While the Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello, who got famous since Gwyneth Paltrow graced Harper’s Bazaar cover in one of his outfits, too delivered a slick show. He channelled black and white to present a wonderfully unique summer collection.  

South Korean designer Moon Young Hee also displayed his sophisticated collection featuring the colour wheel, as well as the Impasse De La Defense’s collection featured the mix of bold colours with retro and street fashion look.

Impasse De La Defense, a post-punk design house, put up a wonderful show with the loud train announcements punctuating the colorful event. The show featured an eclectic and contemporary mix of patchwork dresses in vibrant colors.

Their collection features the colorful patchwork dresses, outré tulle bridal skirts and the large shawls featuring the images of clock architecture. Designer Karim Bonnet channelled a German street style inspired from his holiday there last summer.

Knitwear attained the ‘cool’ status shunning their ‘only for grannies’ tag, thanks to their youthful facelift collection, Le Moine Tricote. The designer Alice Lemoine was armed with two half-inch needles, a ball of wool and basically no rules.

As a result, the collection features architectural and highly huggable display of soft, open knit looks that was set off with the creative spirals, polygons and geometric shapes. Lemoine gave freedom to the natural weight of wool and thus producing some amazing effect like a plunging grey and camel column dress. The collection featured the colors such as sky blue, navy, pearl beige purple and white.

The Paris Fashion Week has finally opened up to some wonderful but low-key events, but it’ll be moving on to the big fashion houses’ shows in the coming days. The big names and the end-result of the high expectations are just around the corner.

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