Fall in love with the Floral Printed Jeans

The winter chill is almost here. The leaves have started to change colors and the wind is nippy which gives the skin a blushed pink glow. This is also the time for new fashion statements in New York City. The crisp breezy season of the fall is no reason for fashionistas here to wear something black or brown. They are sassy and hip as ever and saying hello to the printed Floral Printed Jeans.


When I saw them in the store, they looked really funny. But my ignorant bliss was short lived when I tried one of them on. Instantly, I was in love!! Who says that pants or jeans should always be plain in color! It’s time to reverse the same notion! The Pants are printed and the tops are plain.

It is a no-brainier when it comes to carrying a printed jeans well. The rule of the thumb here is to always keep the top plain. Like shown in the pictures, pick up one neutral color from the floral patterns of the jeans and wear it. A patterned top along with the printed jeans will make the outfit look too busy, hence it is a big NO-NO!!  The jeans can also be worn as a business casual. We all have a pair of brown or black shoes and bags. Those are all you would need to accessorize your look.

Lastly, believe me when I tell you, that these pants are exclusive and a benchmark in the fashion world. An outfit, that must always be present in your wardrobe.  You won’t be disappointed with the way it turns out.

Go ahead try them on, flaunt them, then come back and tell me all about it!




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