Abstract prints and Vintage Designs – Fashion trends of 2013

abstratcsIt’s just been 21 days of the New Year and we can spot the fashion industry going wild. The trendsetters and fashionistas have forecasted 2013 to have a lot of abstracts and vintage fashion styles to flow in for this year. They expect the fashion of 1950s to come back with the trends like pencil skirts and digital printing being inspired from Milan and London Fashion Week.

The famous designer Anita Dongre says, “In 2013, we will see a re-emergence of many past trends but one trend that will push the envelope a little further is the digital prints. These abstract digital prints will enhance the look in a simple and understated way and will add fun and colour to everything like kaftans, maxi dresses, shift dresses and pencil skirts”.

Together with Anita Dongre, other Indian designers like Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Mishra are moving towards digital printing in order to make them the hottest trends this season. They say that the most happenings will be the trends from 1950s and 60s as the A-line skirts, nipped waists etc. The designers say that these fashion trends of this era have the sophistication and feminism in them and can become the love of the vintage lovers. The fabrics to be used include the silk, chiffons and tulle to get the best.

Following the trends as even by the International designers like Christopher Kane and Peter Pilotto, Indian designers say that the pencil skirts which came up in 2012 are going to be there in 2013 as well and will be accompanied by chiffon and georgette tops, broad belts on waists and perfect matching wedges. These skirts will further be adorned with chaotic and abstract printing and tropical looks, as said by Anita Dongre. Even the trend of ‘colour blocking’ will continue being the forte of Indian style dressing. The major colours will include blues, greens, pinks, fuchsia and purples, shared by designer Pria Kataaria Puri.

Designers consider the major fabrics to be used as crepe, silk Lycra and cotton Lycra.Pencil Skirts

So get ready to have the geometric prints and bright colours this season in the fashion of 1950s by the flowing chiffon or crepe skirts clubbed with Lycra based tights or georgette tunics.

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