Welcoming the International Fashion Showcase 2013 – Austria Showroom


Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+Runway+HcPKS8uSs3klThe Austrian Cultural Forum, London, welcomes you once again from 1st February 2013 till 28th February 2013, to another Austrian country’s fashion overview. This fashion scene consists of displays of young as well as established designers of the country. It’s a baby of Austrian fashion.net and is curated by the famous publisher & designer Claudia Rose Lukas. The show consists of photographs, illustrations and even animations from the Vienna & London based designers and artists. The majority of the collection is developed specially keeping the show in mind.

The exhibition offers a unique angle about the country’s blooming fashion and it comes with a series of different Austrian events. The famous designers included in the exhibition are Bradaric Ohmae, Steinwidder, Sophie Scach, Jennifer FM Murray and Tina Elisabeth Reiter. It also includes the famous artist like Ignaz Cassar, Felix Friedmann, Hannes Groblacher, Hanna Putz, Nicole Maria Winkler and Rosa Rendl. The fashion showcase will continue for the month of February 2013 from 900 till 1700 hours every day at 28 Rutland gate, London.


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