B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology – Fashion Department Insight

201106031439467031_8884Over the past decade, B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology has installed high standards of dexterous professional studies and has introduced varied industry oriented, specialized design courses.

Analyzing the stupendous growth in diversified fashion field, B. D. Somani offers wide range of courses providing specific design field guidance and acute training programs.

Diploma in Fashion Designing                        (1 yr – Std X)

Diploma in Fashion Designing                       (2 yrs – Std XII)

Degree in Fashion Designing             (3 yrs – Std XII)

Post Graduation in Fashion Designing           (2 yrs)

B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology has been ACKNOWLEDGED as one of India’s premium design school and its contribution has been acknowledged by both, prestigious Industry bodies like C.I.A.E & CMAI.

In 2010, B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology has actively initiated an interactive forum in form of their                               Alumni Committee Group – Fashion Forever. Every year the committee supports and promotes a socially responsible issue and generates active participation of new perspectives and young minds.

Within two years of its inception, they have successfully initiated many drives ranging from Textile Waste Management Program, Cancer Awareness Seminars, etc. This year, they have collaborated with Lions Club to organize a charitable fashion evening to support  Indian Army War widows and to promote youth to join the prestigious Indian Army.

 BDS Alumni Committee supports its talented young entrepreneurs by encouraging them to participate in many industrial events like CIAE & CMAI trade shows, seasonal fashion exhibitions and international events like HKTDC World Fashion Boutique ShowSDC Design & Talent Competitions and besides this the B. D. Somani Institute is a member of the Starring Committee for the Consortium of Green Fashion.

With the changing dynamics of the Fashion Industry, B. D. Somani has proven influential in shaping our fashion future. They have mastered the art to exploring latent design geniuses and maturing them with modern techniques, global vision and international standards alike.

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