Let the music play by your fingers – the Piano King, Aman Bathla!

Who knew that the kid who was just playing around touching every musical instrument in his childhood will grow up to be a Piano King…IMG_0381

Aman Bathla, who was very fond of touching and playing with musical instruments in his childhood, is conferred with the awarding entry in the great books like Golden Book of World Records, Unique World Records and Incredible Books of Records in the year 2015. When asked about his feelings for the awards, Aman says, “These certificates added feathers to my cap. Now I have 8 World record certificates and of course, it feels so good.”

Aman believes that music is one of the best mediums of meditation. He says that music has made him more subtle in life and hence has helped him develop a direct connection with his inner-self. With the knowledge of another 26 music instruments, together with Piano, Aman always found Piano attractive as he got fascinated with the fact of both the hands ding different tasks at the same time. He felt the sound of the piano as the angelic bells from the heaven.IMG_117642545471387

Coming from a well-established business family of Gurgaon, Aman was though never forced to continue with the established business, but yes was expected to do so being the part of the family. But he heard his heart, saying to play piano instead. Aman goes by the phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect”, and thus, with the regularity of doing his Riyaz every day at-least for 3-4 hours, he makes sure that he can maintain his quality of playing.

Aman has two great idols to follow in his life – the coveted Santoor player PT. Shiv Kumar Sharma, for his wonderful soul and none other than A. R. Rehman for his bone chilling music. Aman also gives free piano training to selected kids with the aim to make the today’s generation relate to piano popularise piano as a mainstream instrument like it has been in good old times. He selects the students for free training who are sincerely passionate about learning piano and cannot afford steep fees that are charged in a market otherwise.IMG_9128

When asked about his favourite students and how does they differ from the crowd, he said, I am proud of all my bachas. Some are teachers now and some are performers, but yes 3 of my stars are shining apart. Gauri Mishra, 9 year old pianist who is the youngest pianist of our nation, Tanvi Gupta is also emerging as a promising pianist and Satyam Upadhyay, my young singing sensation.

With the special dedicated piano set-up in Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon, Aman Bathla is earning his name and respect with the lovely instrument where fingers play the music of the heart!

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