Book Review: Ananya – a journey towards light

The leading character Ananya, is a sweet little 5 year old girl, around whom the entire story revolves. The book is well divided into sections which are narrated by the characters:

Paulomi – Ananya’s best friend

Shobhana – her Mother, who adopted her

Anand – Shobhana’s husband and originally Ananya’s maternal uncle who later in the story adopts her as a daughter.

The book is a fiction, but is based on the fact of life that we are all derived from a supernatural energy within ourselves and the moment you reach that and understand to control, you achieve eternity. Life is all the more about the soul than the body.

Ananya is a 5 year old girl, who lost her parents one by one and is thus being considered a cursed soul. She was then raised by her maternal aunt Shobhana who took care of her more than she did for her son. Shobhana got divorced because of the same reason. Parents are not less than God for kids and kids believe in them.

Ananya is an Atheist who never believed in god. One fine day her friend Paulomi invites her to a Durga Puja celebration. Ananya felt something strange there, a post which she had a dream where she saw a lady near a light. She felt a connection with her and thus started searching and trying to find out whom she was. She started to behave a little odd and disturbed. She stared meditating and to try at every opportunity to find out the reason behind that lady and the dream. She met a few astrologers and all and claimed to be able to talk to the dead.

She was basically trying to reach to her energy, to her spirit guide unknowingly. And too much of digging between the lines made her sick and scared of the dark. The confusion got created as to, she is trying to reach to someone or someone is trying to reach her.

Shobhana after trying a lot of things finally takes charge of the situation and finds out what all has happened. She educates Ananya about the inner energies and the way she needs to get control over them.

A beautifully written short story of 150 pages, however, there was a printing error with repetition of 5 pages and omission of 5. Being the first book by Urmila Deshpande, it shares the thought that everything from the childhood is well-remembered by the child and plays a role in life ahead. A few grammatical and typing errors exist, but can be overlooked.

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