Kanchan Maradan – Kathak performer, teacher & choreographer

"Indian Classical dance forms prepare both the body and mind for learning and facing the world with more confidence" says Kanchan Maradan to Priyanka Singhal ED: From being a person passionate about dance to becoming an entrepreneur with your new venture, how excited are you about it?  Kanchan:  I have always been passionate about dance. … Continue reading Kanchan Maradan – Kathak performer, teacher & choreographer


Tarot Card Reader – Harpreet Narula

CLAIRVOYANT, HEALER, TAROT CARD READER, PSYCHIC, COUNSELOR, ASTROLOGER, & ABOVE ALL, A FRIEND TO EVERYONE, Harpreet Narula talks to Priyanka Singhal ED: How does the journey from Bachelors and Business Management to Tarot Card begin? Harpreet: I also think about this a lot of times since I always wanted to do Business. And often think … Continue reading Tarot Card Reader – Harpreet Narula